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  1. @fidelitywarsOk, but you're judging a national team only by four games. This is bigger than four good games. In some of the games I simulated in FM21 Beta he already was in the national team at the beginning of the save. About the mental stats, it's recommended to avoid to put numbers in U21 players because they're too young and they can upgrade them fast in game (unless he has the proper amount of pro games, which I think Caicedo doesn't have because he started to play regurlaly at the best level in his country in February -less than a year ago-). So, according to the pic you s
  2. Actually he has 110/-85, which I think are pretty good numbers for an Ecuadorian prospect that had less than 30 games as pro when I delivered the database. Anyways, a boost in which attributes and why? What do you mean as 'boost'? That he deserves 120 of CA? I don't agree.
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