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  1. Fran93

    [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    Can you create this player? Thanks! José Carrión - Levante Full name: José Vicente Carrión DOB: 09/08/1999 POB: Cuenca, Ecuador 1st nation: Ecuador 2nd nation: USA 3rd nation: Spain Languages: Spanish (Mother tongue), English (fluent) Appareance: Mediterranean, skin 9, dark brown hair Height: 1.86m Favourite team: Deportivo Cuenca (20, supporter, permanent) Position: MC (20), AMC (15), DM (10) Foot: Right In Levante since 06/03/2018 https://twitter.com/4cuatro2EC/status/1005592863458168832 https://www.eltiempo.com.ec/noticias/deportes/3/430279
  2. Can you create this player? Thank you Jeremy Sarmiento DOB: 16/06/2002 POB: Madrid, Spain 1st nation: Ecuador 2nd nation: England 3rd nation: Spain He wants to play for Ecuador: http://www.estadio.ec/articulo/futbol-internacional/jeremy-sarmiento-quiero-jugar-para-ecuador Languages: Spanish (Mother tongue), English (fluent) Appareance: Native american, skin 11, dark brown hair Favourite team: Real Madrid (15, supporter, permanent) Positions: AMR (20), AMC (16), ST (15), AML (14), MR (12), MC (10), ML (8) History: 2017 Charlton youth https://www.transfermarkt.es/jeremy-sarmiento/profil/spieler/568005 https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/6555770/man-city-jeremy-sarmiento-centre-three-way-tussle-england-spain-ecuador/ http://diarioladiez.com/opinion/la-fef-vuelve-a-hacer-el-ridiculo-con-el-caso-jeremy-sarmiento https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrmmxsxelDTFLtmgacks-eA http://www.estadio.ec/articulo/futbol-internacional/manchester-city-estaria-interesado-en-jeremy-sarmiento http://www.estadio.ec/articulo/futbol-internacional/10-datos-sobre-jeremy-sarmiento-la-promesa-que-quiere-pep https://www.elcomercio.com/deportes/futbol-juvenil-jeremysarmineto-inglaterra-ecuador.html https://somoscantera.com/jeremy-solo-quiere-vestir-la-camiseta-del-pais-padres/ https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/6313376/mancheter-city-jeremy-sarmiento-charlton-athletic/
  3. Fran93

    [South America] (Official) Specific Issues

    CONMEBOL Olympic Qualifiers (8830803) are back. It's going to be held in Colombia between January-February 2020. The tournament gives 2 and a half spots for South America for Tokio 2020. http://fcf.com.co/index.php/la-federacion/4311-colombia-sera-sede-del-torneo-preolimpico-sudamericano-sub-23-en-2020
  4. Fran93

    [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    Can you edit this player please? Kike Delgado (67259832) - Barcelona B Correct POB: Balzar, Ecuador 1st nation: Ecuador 2nd nation: Spain Appareance: Mediterranean, skin 9, black hair Height: 1.78m Weight: 69 Kg He signed a FT contract on 12/07/2018 until 30/06/2020 with a 50 million euros release fee. Correct positions: AML (20), AMR (16), ST (15), ML (14), MR (12) History: 2014 Cornellá youth 2015 Barcelona youth 2016 Barcelona youth 2017 Barcelona youth https://www.fcbarcelona.es/futbol/barca-b/plantilla/jugadores/2018-2019/kike-saverio https://www.fcbarcelona.es/videos/femenino-y-cantera/barca-b/noticias-y-reportajes/kike-saverio-renueva-hasta-el-2020 https://www.transfermarkt.com/kike-saverio/profil/spieler/388519 http://www.ecuafutbol.org/web/noticia.php?idn=42514&idc=11#.W3MxH85KjIU https://www.pressreader.com/ecuador/diario-expreso/20180814/282140702214408
  5. Fran93

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    @Giancarlo Please send Mariano Soso (14014536) to Emelec as manager (first team) since 29/05/2018, full-time contract.
  6. Fran93

    [World] (Official) Specific Issues

    U17 World Cup history: 2015 1) Nigeria 2) Mali 3) Belgium; Hosts: Chile 2017 1) England 2) Spain 3) Brazil; Hosts: India Next U17 WC will be held in Peru, 5-27 October 2019
  7. Fran93

    [World] (Official) Specific Issues

    World Cup records Most appareances: Lothar Matthäus (1270) with 25 games Most goals: Miroslav Klose (6001936) with 16 goals Top goalscorer: Just Fontaine with 13 goals between 08/06/1958 and 28/06/1958 Oldest player: Essam El Hadary (5370033) vs. Saudi Arabia. DOB: 15/01/1973. Match date: 25/06/2018. Also, according to FIFA, USA should be third in Uruguay 1930: https://es.fifa.com/worldcup/archive/uruguay1930/index.html In Media Policies, pre-match and post-match press conferences should be obligatory for managers.
  8. Fran93

    [Russia] (Official) Data Issues

    Christian Noboa (58024318) - Zenit / Rubin Correct first name: Cristhian https://www.instagram.com/cristhian_noboa/ Correct full name: Cristhian Fernando Noboa Tello Add favourite staff: David Noboa 86039082 (20, sibling, permanent). http://www.estadio.ec/articulo/futbol-nacional/el-consejo-de-cristhian-noboa-su-hermano Add favourite club: Emelec (20, supporter, permanent)
  9. Fran93

    [Peru] (Official) Data Issues

    @Giancarlo Maybe you can add these players as legends in the national team: Nolberto Solano (2013462), Jorge Soto (120951), Juan Jayo (6300167), Chemo Del Solar (2450), Alberto Rodríguez (5290498), Juan Carlos Oblitas (5290034), Yoshimar Yotún (77005939), Luis Advíncula (77012161), Julio César Uribe (5666767) and André Carrillo (77012583).
  10. @Simon Tipple Ok, I understand. But is there an option that allows him to play for Argentina and not anymore for Italy as a future plan? That, merged with the information I gave to you, would be more realistic I think.
  11. Fran93

    [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    Maybe you can add these players as legends in the national team: Luis Suárez (I don't know his ID, maybe he's as NFE), Telmo Zarra (I don't know his ID, maybe he's as NFE), Amancio Amaro (I don't know his ID, maybe he's as NFE), Cesc Fàbregas (5120110), Xabi Alonso (he's as NFE), Carles Puyol (he's as NFE), David Silva (7458280), Gerard Piqué (5124470), Álvaro Arbeloa (7451691), Raúl Albiol (7452450), Pepe Reina (6701096), Carlos Marchena (4204105) and Sergio Busquets (1510566).
  12. Fran93

    [Spain] (Official) Data Issues

    Esteban Saveljich (14026358) - Levante Update caps: 4/0 https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/59398/Esteban_Saveljich.html Pablo Hernández (14003946) - Vigo Update caps: 23/3 Add achievements: 26/06/2016 Winner Copa América with Chile 02/07/2017 Runner-Up Confederations Cup with Chile https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/54552/Pablo_Hernandez_1.html
  13. Mauricio Pochettino (4059) Add favourite staff: Sebastiano Pochettino 28118672 (20, son, permanent) Edit reason in favourite club: Newell's (supporter) Maurizio Pochettino (28116493) Add favourite staff: Sebastiano Pochettino 28118672 (20, sibling, permanent) Sebastiano Pochettino (28118672) POB: Barcelona 1st nation: Argentina 2nd nation: Spain Add favourite staff: Mauricio Pochettino 4059 (20, parent, permanent) and Maurizio Pochettino (20, sibling, permanent) https://www.lanacion.com.ar/1976188-pochettino-desconocido-lleva-cuatro-anos-sin-venir-al-pais-compra-yerba-por-internet-y-tiene-un-master-en-gestion-de-empresa
  14. Ezequiel Schelotto (43048983) 1/0 with Italy 1st nation: Italy (not declared because he only played one friendly game) 2nd nation: Argentina International debut: 15 August 2012 vs. England https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/48315/Ezequiel_Schelotto.html
  15. Fran93

    [Russia] (Official) Data Issues

    Cristian Ramírez (92060753) - Krasnodar Update caps: 14/1 First international goal: 6 October 2016 vs. Chile https://www.national-football-teams.com/player/54137/Cristian_Ramirez.html