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  1. I know in the bugs forum the editor team said they were aware of this bug (if teams are added in a stage after the first, they aren't ranked, so if they win no winner is recorded), but has anyone found a way around this other than creating a new competition for the earlier stages? I don't believe it's been fixed, but it's hard to say, and it's quite limiting.
  2. Cheers for that -- it worked once I set the overall stage to 2 and the apertura/clausura to 0/1.
  3. Nope, every time I try it I get either "wrong number of teams" for the playoff stage or "no qualified teams" (if I delete "get lower division team if inactive"). Effectively, it's not pulling any team from the Premier Division. Then if I try to just simulate the Nacional B, I get "wrong number of teams" even though it's set to 15 and there are 15. Oy. I have the overall stage as stage 0, apertura stage 1, clausura stage 2.
  4. Cheers...it works when both teams are set to be relegated, but I'm running into the same problem when the second to last team should enter a relegation playoff (it fails to validate because there aren't enough teams qualified). Do you have a qualification action set to qualify the bottom playoff team for the third stage? As for 3 champions recorded, I'm not sure, as my file doesn't do that. I think you said earlier you were looking at it. Have you tried adding History Records after stages 0 and 1 only? I also have Store League History unchecked for the overall stage, that may do the trick.
  5. I know in the changelist for 14.3 it says that there is a fix for using average points, but I'm still having problems and was wondering if anyone else had attempted to use them yet: When trying to mimic the Bolivian top tier system (bottom team relegated and second to bottom team qualifies for a relegation playoff), I have the average points set the league fates in the overall stage. The file doesn't validate correctly because the editor can't find the top tier team qualifying for the playoff, even though there's a qualification action set (bottom playoff league fate -> qualify for relegation playoff). If I simply set two teams to be relegated from that league stage, it sets the league fates fine (the teams are marked as relegated both in editor and in game) and everything validates correctly. However, there is no season rollover (the game is still stuck in the 2013 season). Any ideas, or should this just be passed on as still buggy?
  6. Start by looking at what date the crash dump occurs at, or what it is that triggers it. From a date, you can see if the problem is tied to a particular stage or round setting up. Or, for another example, when I started making apertura/clausura leagues, I forgot to use the extra games settings for the overall table and was getting crash dumps when I tried to look at it.
  7. How are you setting up the fate actions for qualification?
  8. You may need to select Use Playoff Rankings for the league stage.
  9. I see. Let me play with a similar setup and see if I can get it working.
  10. Yeah, along with qualifying for the competition. Didn't seem to help.
  11. I built all of the Central American leagues using the real life apertura/clausura format, but I'm having trouble getting the CONCACAF Champions League to draw the winners of the apertura and clausura. All of these leagues have a league stage for each tournament followed by playoffs, with the playoff winner winning the stage. I've tried each of the following: 1) Check "get continental cup teams from stage" for the playoff stages while unchecking them for the league stages along with setting the Qualify Team for Competition fate action (with appropriate seeding) and using the default competition. This plainly doesn't work -- the competition sometimes takes both teams from the clausura final, but more typically it chooses teams from one of the league stages. 2) Rebuild the NACL and ask the competition to get teams "Qualified for Competition." It almost seems to choose random teams, not the ones I select as having been qualified from within those competitions. 3) Try things that are more wacky: ask the NACL to choose the previous competition winner/runner-up (this works predictably, it chooses those teams from the clausura), or ask it to choose league stage teams but select the playoff stage instead of a league stage (it chooses random teams). At this point, I'm completely at a loss for how to get this to work. Is it possible that something in the coding forces the NACL to effectively choose random teams, or am I just missing some setting to make this work?
  12. Can you explain exactly the system you want? To try to get this straight in my head: you have 4 league stages. After the first, the top two teams play a final. After the second, the top two teams play a final, and then the winner of that final plays the winner of the final from after league stage 1? And then the same thing happens with the winner of that match against the winner of the final of stage 3?
  13. Not as far as I can tell. The fate actions don't get assigned properly.
  14. Why can't you do that in a single cup stage by staggering when teams enter the cup?
  15. Have you tried Keep Teams From Same Group apart, seed by position, and place seeds 0 and 1 together?
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