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  1. I just beat Shaktar Donetsk with 7-0 and i just realise they don't have manager for 3 years (since M.Lucescu retire), and same Rubin Kazan , Lokomotiv Moskov and many others. Why this happen?
  2. After a long break of FM this is what hapen in the first save in the last version. Nice work people! [video=youtube;eDZE4o_VVjA]
  3. Yeah, i understand that exists non-football costs but i want to control them too.. try to find a cheap hotel, cheap food, cheap hairstilists.. I play with Cardiff anf my budged wages is 46 mil , and non-football costs is 42 mil..
  4. Same issue i have too, on my desktop Pc . Same lagging, to me it happens to hang up the game in Match preview screens (every match). I have one playable league and the game is installed on Intel SSD. Configuration :
  5. Subscribe to those mentioned above. I basically bought a game but has no official support, i need to find answers to my questions in forums. Beta started promising but after 3 updates is worse (same year by year). Many many crush dumps, in first beta version was not any.
  6. Subscribe..since i uppdate beta my game crush everytime when a i want sign a staff member. I hope that the final version fix this (HUGE ) problem.
  7. I try this, not work. After update i can't sign staff. So stupid. For me in such manner the game is unplayable.
  8. SI, things got out of control .. 4 owngoals in 9 matches: 2 examples:
  9. Someone please try to sign a director of football, player , coach because i get chrash everytime.
  10. First Crash Dump in FM 14 , after this update, when i aproach an scout
  11. ok then, we hear when it appear full game. bet it will be the same?
  12. :hammer:I found new Messi .. Bla ...bla..is just Beta version..C'mon guys. I want to play FM, not testing games.
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