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  1. Lads i never usually ask or post reference tactics but im really banging my head against a wall with my latest Man Utd save, 1st season and in feb and im 7th in the league my main problem is scoring goals and closing out tight games-lads any tactic info would be more than welcome-cheers in advance!!!!!
  2. PSG will not settle for any less than 90 million for Mamadou Sakho......like wtf is going on, MADNESS!!!!
  3. 20 mil after season 1 for liverpool.....44 games in all comps and 40 goals and was out for 8 weeks with calf injury...the man is a BEAST
  4. could understand if i missed out on europe or finished miles behind the winners, i was 4 pts off second and 1 pt off 3rd..........really PISSED off
  5. Just finished 4th in the league, 10 pts off man utd who won it got to semi final of the league cup but knocked out of FA cup in 3rd round to walsall after playing a very youthfull team.....but ive just been SACKED after last game of the season........in my eyes that wasnt a total disaster of a season or was it????
  6. Seen as im new to the forum and this version of the game(i was a championship manager nut back in the day) im loving the thread fair play to all involved.....first season with the reds and after 7 games im 2nd in the league 3pts behing the mancs..........bought 2 players in pre season giuliano from internacional for 9.5 mill and giuseppe rossi from villarreal for 13.5. Giuliano has played 11 games for me in all comps so far scoring 4 times with an average rating of 7.33 so im quite happy with him. Giuseppe Rossi has played 10 games in all comps scoring 6 times with an average rating of 7.49 so im really happy with my first 2 signings. Im playing a 4-1-2-1-2 formation and it working fine other than i concede most goals in the last 15 mins of the game which is doing my head in a little bit..... As im a newbie any tips would be welcomed as in potential signings, youth players, tatics, staff....etc Woeful result tonight but keep the chin up YNWA!!!!!
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