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  1. I fully understand it's a balancing thing, but I consider it vital to be able to create chances through the middle. Or out wide. Or going route one. As the tactical side of the game is what gives me the most joy it is no point playing if it's nowhere near balanced. Also, the throw-in bug from last year is so incredibly frustrating to watch. I watch the entire match when I play, and seeing my team not follow instruction for 15 consecutive throw-ins is just a wee bit tilting. Just a wee bit... The same goes for the inability to press on goal kicks. Watching the opposing team pass it
  2. Some of the questions are not a matter of opinion, just facts. Others are of course open to interpretation. Find it a bit strange that reported issues from earlier versions still aren't fixed, but that may just be me.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Are SI acknowledging the issues? It seems weird to publish a game when it has the same issues as the last version.
  4. Thank you for the reply. Seeing several posts in the bug forum about throw-ins not working. Just like last year. See this: or this: Is this fixed? It was an issue on last years version too.
  5. Bump. Has there been any improvement? From what I gather patching is done for this version.
  6. It's appalling to see you ignored, once again. From what I can tell, you are providing SI with great examples. Simple recognition would be the absolute minimum imo.
  7. I remember posting about this last year. The exact same issue. To see that it's still an issue... Amazing. Not even acknowledging it? Disastrous. Looks like I'll have to wait one more year before checking if it's worth buying.
  8. Good afternoon! After being a lifelong fan of the series I stopped playing in 2015ish. Returned last year, only to be incredibly frustrated by the ME. It was such a shame seeing as the rest of the game was absolutely fantastic. I promised myself that I wouldn't buy this version unless they improved on the issues from last year. This is where you guys come in. Would very much like to link to posts I/others made about issues last year, but they are gone. Have SI improved the following: Central play in formations using one striker. I (almost) exclusively play 4-
  9. As a Manchester United fan not having played the game for a few versions, what was more natural than taking over the reigns of the Red Devils on my much(?) anticipated return. Seeing as I ousted Ole Gunnar Solskjær from his dream job without having any previous experience, I would expect him to be a bit salty towards me. Who could blame him, right? Turns out Solskjær is the bigger man, not only did he not sulk or criticize, he has actually been complimenting both me and the team on several occasions after he left. Takes the time to talk about me and the team after winni
  10. Just wondering, why would you post this in the "tactics, training and strategies forum"? Is it THAT hard to navigate these pages?
  11. Hmmm. Is there any way to find out if this is working as intended, or if it's a faulty ME (bugged or otherwise)? If it's working as it should, there should be done something to ensure you can press without having to place your midfielders in the AM strata. What are your thoughts on the throw-ins?
  12. Only for the regista(su), not the bwm(su). Actually, Pogba already has that. He is on CM(a) with "close down more", and we see him being stationed somewhat higher than the rest of the midfield on GKs. I thought "close down more" was an instruction that altered the frequency/urgency, not that much position? Am I wrong? As I've said, would really like to stay somewhat organized and in the same shape as now, just with the entire trio further upfield. Seeing as the bwm(su) should be an optimum choice for what I intend to do, I'm leaning towards some sort of bug, or that the ME is just
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