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  1. You made a post about a bug. You obviously care about it. What was the point of the post? Without the pkm it's just spam
  2. How do you expect them to do anything about it if you won't even bother attaching the pkm?
  3. Does this mean that you are trying to fix it for fm20? That would be absolutely tremendous news, and would get me back to playing in a heartbeat. The game outside the ME is pure gold, never enjoyed that part of it more.
  4. Haha, "I felt it was a bug". That is hilarious. What made you feel it? Is four penalties in four games THAT sick? It happens a lot.
  5. What made you think this is a bug? Did you do any research before you posted? Do you not see the issue with wasting their time? Of course you will raise the issue if you "feel" anything. We can see that from this post. I'm trying to tell you it's counterproductive, as SI will have to spend time on your non-issue instead of the real issues. Of course, now they have to spend time reading my posts as well, so I am now part of the problem.
  6. As you can see, Palace and United had 11 and 12 last season. Almost the exact same pr game as you've had with Lyn. This is a list for teams in the PL up to this date. Most of them have played 29 games. If you regularly get them four games in a row, it might be worth taking a look into that. United had 3 in a row earlier this season in the PL, 4 given in 5 games. Let SI focus on real problems, put some sort of effort into it before clogging up the forum with useless posts.
  7. This surely cannot be correct. There are still a TON of issues with this ME, to the extent I have "paused" my own save. Now I only use it to find bugs to post to this forum (a process that sometimes takes hours). From my point of view - playing with a tactic that relies heavily on pressing and congesting the central areas - the main issues are: The pressing. It is almost impossible to get your team high enough up the pitch in a 4-1-2-2-1. The opposition can easily retain possession in and around their back four as the pressing is done on a one-and-one basis (except from when two or even three players decide to press the same player, even the GK...). On goal kicks and throw-ins, it is no point applying any instructions. The team will sit faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar too deep no matter what. Applying pressure in these situations is very important for every. single. pressing. team. in. the. world. Wide players. Wingers and fullbacks are so incredibly one-dimensional. The IWs/IFs will drive from wide or deep with the ball at all costs. Combining with other players almost never happens. The will attempt a shot - from distance or at a very narrow angle, try to cross (very often blocked), get dispossessed, or play a back pass. Combining with either the fullback or the striker - e.g. playing a one-two? No. Not an option. For the most part they will run with the ball half the pitch. Central play. Probably correlated with the point above. Seeing as I haven't investigated this myself, it is hard to pinpoint what the issue is, but SI has told us that they consider it a "known issue". No matter what the issue is, it is so weird watching highlights in this version. The amount of goals coming from interplay in central areas are next to zero. Long shots, crosses, set pieces, or solo efforts - that's where you get the goals. Throw-ins. Even though it doesn't matter as much as the points above, it is excruciatingly painful conceding goals because your CB takes a throw-in. Or to watch - over and over again - the team set up far away from the taker, flat out ignoring EVERY instruction. Or seeing your striker be out of position on every single throw-in. If it is true that they won't be making any more updates to the ME it is no point buying this game. Because it is next to fraud to consider this ME good enough.
  8. This just seems lazy. Sure, you have probably gotten more penalties than the average, but there is absolutely nothing telling us "this is a bug". Spent 1 minute googling: Those stats are correct pr 31/12/2019. As you can see, there are huge swings for some teams. Stop posting things to this forum which clearly isn't a bug and/or a faulty ME. It takes up time for SI to look at this, time they could've spent on important things.
  9. Any point updating this, seeing as there has been no response and/or downloads?
  10. I came to the forum to make a post about this. I'm experiencing the same as OP. Do you want me to post it? If yes, in this thread or as a separate post? @Josh Brimacombe-Wiard
  11. Hi! The positioning on attacking throw-ins, especially those near the corner flag, is not making any sense. My instruction: What I get: Happens on every throw-in, but example is from 89:37. The result is that a lot of the throw-ins turn into a headed duel, far from what I would want. Instructions are shorter passing, work into box etc. A possession-oriented style. As I wouldn't want to limit options on throw-ins, there are no specific instructions other than the placement of players. But the ones designated to offer short options are far away, and grouped up with the "lurk near post" option. Man Utd v Southampton pressing and throw-ins.pkm
  12. New match, some new problems. 84:30: In this sequence, my CB is close to Romeu at the penalty box, before he suddenly turns sharply towards their right corner flag, leaving Romeu all alone. I'm not especially worried, as I have three defenders vs two, but ALL three decide to sprint towards Romeu, leaving him with an easy pass for Ings for the one-on-one. 73:36: I have told my fullbacks to mark a specific position. The opposing wingbacks. As you can see, they are not. They don't mark them after the GK either. 75:58 and 82:07: I have now told my fullbacks to mark specific players. The ones in the wingback position. They do not on the GK, however they advance up the field after the GK. In the latter picture I have activated "tight marking" to no effect. In all these three sequences, my wingers aren't applying pressure intelligently at all. Especially when my FB's push up to mark the wingbacks. Before I applied marking, my wingers did not track them, nor did they apply specific pressure on the backline. My midfield trio were actually pressuring the CB's more than my wingers. Man Utd v Southampton pressing and throw-ins.pkm
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