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  1. Yes Aaron i know it is supported,but I tried it on a friends surface 3 and it took an age to start running the game,this may be different on the pro 3 but as a tablet is far too big
  2. Are there any plans to bring FM touch to Windows store,so the same touch version that's on App Store and google play basically,so the game cud be played with finger swipes etc on a Microsoft surface 3
  3. Ive tried it on a friends surface 3 and although it ran ok, it took a long time to open and start running the via steam client I downloaded is this because of the processor or ram, and although is there a way a can scroll with my finger on the touch version it only allowed to scroll with the mouse
  4. Is football manager touch 16 playable on Microsoft surface 3 when downloaded via steam
  5. yes i get team meetings a few times,the issue is no media interaction on iPad version
  6. No I had him on my shortlist whilst he was still playing for sassualo
  7. Hi Aaron any update on this,as I definitely don't seem to get informed for instance I scouted Andre's Cubas and shortlisted him and PSG signed him in my game but no news on that PSG had bid for the player
  8. So likes to try and beat offside trap is bad thing then
  9. the amount of offsides in this years game seems ridiculous,I even get players called offside when they clearly aren't on the replay,does anyone else notice this or have a solution to minimise players being caught offside,cheers
  10. I don't seem to get informed I had players on the shortlist
  11. when i scout a player should i be informed via my inbox if another team makes a bid for that player,it doesn't seem to on FMT and i have missed out on players I'm interested in signing
  12. I signed him scored nowhere near that many how do u play him as in striker role
  13. i have just dragged the game save folder from the left side to the right hand side on filezilla into the fmh folder but it said critical error
  14. Well I'm in my third season and I played first season or so on iPad alone,do you if SI will fix this in next update,I did what you said with the game save folder and saved it to my desktop and downloaded the FileZilla client but I was stuck on what to do next to send it
  15. Ok I will try and do this,but as you are asking me to send save file does this mean you see this as not normal for iPad version not to have media questions,if so is it a bug
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