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  1. Awesome tactical setup here Ö-zil! I've started my carreer with OM few weeks ago after I've read your piece on sisportcentre. In general, I adore Sacchi's idea and I'm trying to implement it within my squad. First season I've ended up 2nd with same pts as PSG but lesser GD. Also, I've got beaten against ManCity in Europa League final. All in all, it was great first season. Amazing thing is, as few people said, that this tactical setup provides great amount of chances and players pick up the best one judging on situation or their intelligence. Maybe the only problem is a lot of yellow cards, but it can be decreased by playing less aggressive. Although, I don't mind because I like more aggressive approach. I want to point out player only 21 yrs old who carried the squad through whole season. http://imgur.com/IHCYEmO
  2. I've tried this tactic with Valencia and went with attacking mentality against Barcelona. I was impressed how we crushed them. Only problem I've noticed is against some lower teams we don't have possession and we don't create many chances.
  3. When we can expect official update with winter transfers ?
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