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  1. OK, I guess it's normal for keepers to mark players. Makes sense, I expect Fergurson to start using such keepers in the near future. I'm tired of the fanboy-ism. If everything is player error, then I'll go back to FM12 where my players "miraculously" didn't so such errors. Now if that makes sense, right?
  2. Sure thing. I bet he stood in fear as well. Must have been a flare passing by. Instead of diving, he went there and MARKED an open striker. Show me one goalkeeper who does that, just one.
  3. Misjudging position is something. Standing still after misjudging the position is not. I expect players to actually move, you know, play football for example, try to catch up, dive, anything. Just saying.
  4. Then don't fix anything again, ever, since everything can be attributed to bad decision making.
  5. Sorry, but I consider much within the capabilities of a normal keeper to be able to judge where a player who is running STRAIGHT is going. There was no dribbling involved, no change in speed, absolutely nothing. That's plain bad decision making from the ME. Case in point is the follow up of the keeper doing absolutely nothing.
  6. Sure, but my keepr didn't go there late. My keeper went there, stopped, then proceeded to stand still watching.
  7. When my keeper tunnel visions like that, yes,I consider it a ME issue. That's beyond the point of "misjudging". The striker was running straight forward.
  8. There seems to be missing animations for a lot of things. Quite convenient. That's the point. That the goalkeepers keep doing bad decision makings. My video is just an example.
  9. I provided an actual video with my statement. My goalkeeper rushed out, then said "sod it" and just stood there until the AI striker scored. I don't care whether your keeper gets PoM. My GK is on default as well and he did this, something that should absolutely never happen. (and also something that cost my promotion, but that's the least important thing here.) This is close to inexcusable so many months after the initial release, especially for calling it "final update".
  10. So we paid for a full product, we received a beta and we ended up with an only partially finished product as well? Good thing to know that I'm stuck with lobotomized goalkeepers. Really appreciated. FM14 better be a master-piece where you actually work on the existing features instead of adding more half-finished ones.
  11. Goalkeepers still suck and they will require another update. Rushing out, then forgetting what he was going for,completely ridiculous and sort of inexcusable at this point: [video=youtube;U2oLOFUXvS0]
  12. I feel that the slow reactions issue of players losing the ball has been fixed, but not in a way that actually makes the game better,nor worse. Instead of seeing players lose the ball and start drooling, now I see players getting stripped off the ball too easily. It's almost as if the defender walks casually towards the ball, asks gently if he can have it and voila, he has the possession now. Most of the other issues seem to have really improved though.
  13. Oh, that makes sense. Nothing is wrong because you don't find anything wrong. Well, there were some people who were satisfied with the initial ME of FM13, should we revert back to that? They didn't have any issues with it. Sorry, but you have to provide just as much a sample, not an incident.
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