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  1. Thank you for this, it does not quite work because the panels have a habit of resetting, and the numbers come up instead of the stars when you hover over the player. Is there anything I can change in the code which would force the skin to show what it would show if the editor were not enabled? Or failing that, can you tell me which panels govern the information on the two screens above, and on the player pop up panel? Edited: Typos.
  2. I have a question about the hidden attributes. When you don't have the editor, they don't show. I have the editor and so they do show, but I don't want them to. On previous versions of the skin I could only hide them by the quite rudimentary mentod of deleting the relevant code. Is there a way I can get the skin to act as if the editor is not enabled, even when it is?
  3. Hi Robbles, I asked this earlier, forgive me if I am breaching some etiquette. Is it possible to get a list of the duplicate players you removed? I started a save game based on an earlier version of your save and ideally do not want to start over for accuracy. Thanks again for this really comprehensive work.
  4. I started a save using your beta file and the first version of the player database, I managed to remove the first few duplicates that Kostas found before starting. Is it possible to get a list of the duplicated players? That way we can use IGE to force retire them out of a save game. I'm pedantic enough that I'll otherwise be forced to start again!
  5. Delighted this is finally out (even in beta). Been following this thread for a while now, it's a big project you've undertaken and can see how hard you've worked on it. Thank you so much.
  6. I've enjoyed bingeing the entire 4 pages of this today. Following now, hoping this will satisfy my need to see Wednesday scoring goals until Pulis can buy a strike force in January.
  7. Hi Claasen, Thanks again for your work. Can I humbly request that those 3-5 North American leagues include Jamaica? I would normally just carry the old FM18 file over and make do, but I've been running on FM16 till now and I can't extract the old file =(. 16 won't show in 19 even when extracted, I can't extract 18 to XML without the 18 editor, and I've been trying to do it myself for ages with little success... Hoping this is part of your plan anyway. Thanks again.
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