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  1. Anyone else noticing too many goals from crosses?.... Thanks SI for the most part loving the game so far , once I sort my results out!!!
  2. Agreed, seems perfectly balanced on reading feedback, realistic amounts and not overpowered on crossing or through balls...
  3. Hey, Is everyone noticing a reasonable amount of through balls?? Just about to start up after 2 months of not playing....it has been long enough.
  4. anyone got a screenshot of Sam Byram couple of years into the game?? Cheers,
  5. ation: England Division: Prem or Championship Media Prediction: Lower half(prem) mid table(championship) Board Expectation(s): Avoid relegation/ Safe Transfer Budget: Any Wage Budget: Any Finances: Solid Other: Team with good young players I can develop, fast wingers/strikers. Thank you
  6. More Through balls by better decision making from top class midfielders in next patch please. Need one soon my team is over reliant and heavily based around this way of playing so can't play any more games without losing until a new patch is released. Thanks SI keep up the hard work
  7. any way to revert to 13.1.3? My whole tactic is based around through balls and pacey strikers don't want to have to completely rebuild a team again around this new match engine....
  8. Please sort out the through balls issue, they are virtually non-existant after spending my entire budget on pacey strikers, no creativity in midfield whatsoever players like Gotze, Gundogen, Reus arent creating a single opporunity for the strikers, very little ccc's and virtually no key passes in any game. Quarter of the way into the season and neither of these talented creative midfield players have got an assist. Thank you.
  9. Wow. Fantastic Post. Any feedback on Team Instructions tactics? Passing or direct styles of play etc that suit Newcastle ....??
  10. Are gamesplanet part of the digital partners?? Ive pre ordered from there and it says you will receive beta access but yet to receive a beta code and it does not say on the football manager site that they are digital partners
  11. Cheers mate! You played Philosophy:Very Rigid and Strategy:Control? Have a good team of passers just struggle to find the back of the net,its my biggest problem and probably why I was not promoted last season, seems to be carrying on again this year ...
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