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  1. what happened with ojo then? seemed to be playing pretty well which leaves me to suspect one of two things a) he wasnt defending well enough for klopp and it was a statement sub, b) hes going to start on thursday.
  2. he hadnt played int he champions league for liverpool had he? think this all rests on what your definition of "elite" is anyway. at the time he was in the same category as di maria, ozil etc. who both went for less. and hes probably twice as good as andy carroll anyway so i fail to see the issue.
  3. not at the time we sold him, no. hes improved again since he joined barcelona. post hoc revisionism is a terrible thing.
  4. im well aware of what youre saying. im asking how much you think we should have got, and why you think £65M wasnt enough for a guy who was top tier, but not elite, and just bit someone.
  5. it really doesnt hes stepped up about three levels since leaving liverpool, AND there were massive doubts about when/where/if he'd fancy another nibble again.
  6. how much did you want? remember we sold him before hed actually kicked a ball for barcelona and there were pretty big [FOOTBALL CLICHE ALERT] question marks over this attitude, even if he did have the talent.
  7. Could be worse. Its about time Origi got some gametime tbh.
  8. as good as gotze is/was....why would we buy him? its probably the one spot we're actually pretty well covered. we need an actual winger (markovic may come back), two new centre mids, a left back and a new keeper before any departures are addressed. if we blow our load on gotze ill be mightily unimpressed.
  9. origi is in better form and would probably contribute more in a game than sturridge, but if theres anyone you want in a one v one with either a defender or the keeper its sturridge. its a close call. i dont see why we'd need to sell him anyway when we should be looking for players of his/origis quality to fill the squad.
  10. The way things are going me too. Disgraceful thought.
  11. bit different in showing loyalty to a keeper youve played for years rather than not bumming out a terrible duo.
  12. and if we wins all his games between now and july 2017 we'll be CL champions.
  13. The sooner rodgers goes the better. If he leaves in the next month or so it will give the new guy a good chance to patch up the squad for the post christmas run in.
  14. i think im more concerned about the amount hes aged some difference.
  15. 13 points from seven isn't great. Tallied over a season it's about 70 points which maybe would just be enough to finish 4th in theory. That's with the rather grandiose assumption that we beat clubs like villa and Norwich though.