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  1. Did you find any answer to this? Player panels with bigger faces are much better
  2. Here's hoping by fm22 they have sorted the regen faces out, as at the moment I reckon a PS1 Malfoy is an improvement on the current ones...
  3. Been playing about and got this so far Pretty happy. Only things I wanna change are the pitch on the bottom left (the icons dont match the pitch) could either change the icons or square the pitch up. Also the shading in the back of the season stats is annoying.
  4. Wondering if anyone could help me? I'm after putting part of the player overview screen from the Vitrex on the original skin. That is the part I want on the original FM skin, including the signature. I did this on FM16 but have got a new laptop as that one died so I cant even look at the files, cant remember for the life of me how to put this in Thats what I got last year, with the 'flamboyant winger' bit in gold and minus the position tag, was happy with that, if somebody could guide by to something similar I'd be grateful
  5. May as well say it before somebody else does... 1) Your players are tired 2) It's your tactics 3) Nothing has been changed to tactics 4) There is no problem with injuries
  6. Not bothered reading above posts, but hope injuries will be toned down big time in a hotfix. 2 games, 7 injuries
  7. Not so strange, just luck. I've done it with Werder Bremen on this years game. Dortmund knocked out by Bayern, who got knocked out by Schalke who got upset by a Bundesliga 2 team in semi final
  8. Someone in the Liverpool guide forum pointed out to me as I put up my CL group that I shouldn't be grouped with another English club but was. The club being Chelsea. I will post this in the bugs forum as well.
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