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  1. Can't afford to scout

    Is that true? this player is only in my country and apparently my scouting network range was expanded over the summer i think?
  2. I'm not sure whether i'm just being a total idiot but i'm just starting my second season with San Marino & now I 'Cannot afford to Scout'. The only big thing that has changed is that i got promoted and if anything i'm in a better financial position now with the promotion so i can't see why it's now allowing me too. Any Ideas? (I did run a quick search so i apologise if this question has already been offered & answered)
  3. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    How did Blackburn qualify for the EC? was it FA Cup final or?
  4. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Maybe getting relegated with blackburn will do my goal count some good!
  5. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Had a terrible first half to the season, hidden attributes must be bad because my visible stats seem to offer a better goal per game ratio than the one i've currently got!
  6. Name: Jamie O'Connor Nationality: Cyprian Height: 200 Weight: 75 Club: Nottingham Forest Foot: Right Attributes to start at 15 2 Goalkeeper Attributes: Reflexes & Aerial ability 2 Mental Attributes: Positioning & Decisions 2 Physical Attributes: Agility & Jumping One Preferred Move: Avoids using Weaker foot
  7. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    on the up it would seem! Still need to be more clinical though!
  8. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Excited for my first full season at blackburn!
  9. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    i leave united and i leave the bottom of the table! jolly good! expensive move for blackburn isnt it? nevertheless im happy to be with them!
  10. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Could be a big move away from united for Hernandez with a bit of luck! Any teams interested?
  11. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Terrible tournament for me, oh well, they'll be another chance for me i'm sure!
  12. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    getting a reasonable amount of games with the first team which is good to see at such a tender age! Going to have to have record breaking seasons consistently from now on to even consider not finishing bottom of the player table though :')
  13. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    My stats are actually looking okay, just need to somehow get a break in the first team. My players ego appears to be too large to leave on loan so that route is out the window!
  14. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    I see, well let's hope this bloody training is good then
  15. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Made two sub appearances in the cup & scored two & that seems to be all man utd want to give me! Still think i probably need a loan move away for a season at a championship club!