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  1. Hi Calum, Sorry i can't offer you the correct save file. Yeah, negotiations went through as normal, everything was ready for him to be transferred in the January window but then i went into the contract screen in late December and clicked "Walk Away" which cancelled the transfer however the budget was never returned to me at any stage. No long-term damage was done though because the finances were never actually truly effected but it just meant i didn't have any money to spend in that window. Sorry i can't be of more help. Jamie
  2. Hi, After having a bid accepted for a player outside of the transfer window, i offered him a contract, which was accepted and i continued on with my game. Just prior to the transfer window opening i decided i didn't want this player anymore, opened up the contract window and clicked walk away so the transfer was cancelled. However, my transfer budget wasn't returned to me but the finance screen shows no evidence of money being spent. Can't figure out if i'm just being stupid or something is actually wrong. I've added my file to ftp server however, i am unable to add a file which was prior to the transfer being accepted/cancelled. Hope this isn't too much bother. Hope someone can clarify! Thanks EDIT: File Saved in ftp as Nottm Forest
  3. Can't afford to scout

    Is that true? this player is only in my country and apparently my scouting network range was expanded over the summer i think?
  4. I'm not sure whether i'm just being a total idiot but i'm just starting my second season with San Marino & now I 'Cannot afford to Scout'. The only big thing that has changed is that i got promoted and if anything i'm in a better financial position now with the promotion so i can't see why it's now allowing me too. Any Ideas? (I did run a quick search so i apologise if this question has already been offered & answered)
  5. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    How did Blackburn qualify for the EC? was it FA Cup final or?
  6. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Maybe getting relegated with blackburn will do my goal count some good!
  7. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Had a terrible first half to the season, hidden attributes must be bad because my visible stats seem to offer a better goal per game ratio than the one i've currently got!
  8. Name: Jamie O'Connor Nationality: Cyprian Height: 200 Weight: 75 Club: Nottingham Forest Foot: Right Attributes to start at 15 2 Goalkeeper Attributes: Reflexes & Aerial ability 2 Mental Attributes: Positioning & Decisions 2 Physical Attributes: Agility & Jumping One Preferred Move: Avoids using Weaker foot
  9. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    on the up it would seem! Still need to be more clinical though!
  10. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Excited for my first full season at blackburn!
  11. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    i leave united and i leave the bottom of the table! jolly good! expensive move for blackburn isnt it? nevertheless im happy to be with them!
  12. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Could be a big move away from united for Hernandez with a bit of luck! Any teams interested?
  13. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    Terrible tournament for me, oh well, they'll be another chance for me i'm sure!
  14. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    getting a reasonable amount of games with the first team which is good to see at such a tender age! Going to have to have record breaking seasons consistently from now on to even consider not finishing bottom of the player table though :')
  15. Striking Sensation - Game Thread

    My stats are actually looking okay, just need to somehow get a break in the first team. My players ego appears to be too large to leave on loan so that route is out the window!