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  1. Am I doing something wrong? I've set up a tactic and selected the starting XI. See first pic. I've then set up another tactic, with a new shape and new starting XI. But when I go back to the first tactic, the starting XI is messed up. So, how do you set up a tactic that keeps the starting XI? Does saving a tactic not also save the team selection associated with it? I also wonder the same about the set pieces I set up with a tactic. So, if I'm in the middle of a game and I switch tactics, do I also have to manually switch all the set pieces? Hope this makes sense!
  2. Thank you! A short note on this in the database set up screen would be great in the future.
  3. If I use the editor to change the transfer window dates, do I need to start a new save? I did it in the editor, but it the dates haven't changed when I return to my game. Cheers!
  4. My team report says 20 of my 51 assists conceded have come from the left, but this screenshot looks like the assists conceded come mostly from the right. Is the image showing 20 conceded from the right side of my defense?
  5. Why is it an issue? If the option exists, but you don't want to avail of it, than don't avail. No?
  6. Oy. That was my lifeline! Would like to see those in the full.
  7. Is downloadable content like the magic sponge only available in FM Touch?
  8. Is it not possible to set requirements for the person running the development list? I'd like to require all loan contracts to include first team football and right to recall from loan.
  9. Thanks mate, but I'm not seeing it at all in Full FM. Is it in the attached screenshot?
  10. Does this mean that having any data analyst at all will do, so there's no difference between "good" or "bad" analysts?
  11. I'm trying to make a player un-learn one of his traits, but can't seem to find the option. Is this not possible in FM17? Was possible in FM16 Touch.
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