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  1. Well I've played each edition for quite a few years and for me the 2013 version was a waste of money - there was nothing new worth having and presumably it was because the developers were working on the first Android version that year. However, the 2014 version with the redesigned interface was great, the best one of the lot. Though I will say the board were MUCH more ruthless. This year the board are ridiculously intolerant. The layout is the same, but there are some new bits and pieces like the trophy room, multiple clubs bidding on your players and player form. The big change though is the new match engine. Now we all know that the previous engine was not realistic in terms of tactics. There was always a best tactical option that, once you had the right players for it, only required tweaking if losing in big games. Last year we got proper wingers back again so that was good. Team form though, was always paramount. Teams in form score from the first shot on goal, just before half time, on the 66-70th minute and at the end. Trying to defend against a big computer team was pointless because the tactics were simply mush. So to the match engine this year. Putting the delays aside - and they don't both me at all on an iPad 4, it feels very hard to score enough, the tactics are supposed to be different so you can't use super tactics, but they still don't feel very realistic. I haven't played enough yet to confirm this, but when you set your very good quality team to attack a poor quality opposition and you don't create any chances in the last 20 minutes, something is very wrong. Player strengths appear to have been downgraded again so that they are less relevant. Again, this is speculation - I would like to hear SI explain what the new engine does, how it does it and what you need to be aware of. Unfortunately they have never done this for the previous engine, as I imagine that would expose how unrealistic it was. I would say have a look at the new game, it's certainly going to take some playing and in the first instance that's a good thing as it makes it fresh. If it just turns out to be frustrating and pointless though, it will have failed. Whether you think it's good value or not will come down to how you get on with the game engine because the other changes are on a par with 2013. I will also say that there has never been enough feedback and never enough tactical options from the game engine. There aren't any more in this one, it just works differently, and presumably all the daft bugs from the 2D highlights have been addressed.
  2. Curiously enough, I was about to report the same thing which came up yesterday for the first time, after about 55 seasons worth of game time on '14. A decent midfield player worth about £7m, asking price over a billion.
  3. No, it doesn't, it requires you to know how the match engine performs when different level of teams play each other. You're going to know that after some years in the top division, the human player will have the best team in the game. The easy transfer market makes it so. It's obvious that as a game maker, you have to keep the system competitive, and that results in the above.
  4. As well as all the practical suggestions that have been made over the last couple of years, there's some gameplay issues I think need addressing. These are from a situation where you have assembled the best team in the league and play everyone in correct positions. 1. The number of times the opposing team scores from their first shot on goal. This is way too high. 2. The high percentage of goals from shots on target ratio for "top" quality opposing teams. The top teams have a tendency to score a much higher percentage of goals from chances than your team. It's irrelevant of tactics, goalkeepers or strikers. 3. Out of position players are not penalised on computer teams. This is poor computer AI playing people in bad positions and yet if it's a "top" team, they will still compete effectively. 4. Ignoring tactics and players in favour of team form. You can go out and load the defence, have everyone crunching tackles, not allow anyone any space, but if you are playing a "top" team in form, they can all too often go and score immediately. Most of these gameplay issues are clearly to keep the game competitive because (1) the computer match AI isn't that good - they play people out of position all the time (2) The computer AI for player signings isn't very good either - despite the cheats that have been introduced. After four seasons in the top flight, you can guarantee that you will have the best team by far. The computer AI needs significantly improving so that they compete better, so that the fudges mentioned above can be toned down.
  5. This is the annoying feature of the transfer market, deliberately designed to stop you improving the squad too quickly. You can bid for a player and immediately other clubs will make a bigger offer that is instantly accepted. You then have to wait a while for your offer to be rejected. Usually you can then match the other club's offer and offer a contract, but invariably, the player then signs for the other team. The other way this happens is that if another club bids say £10m on a player, and you bid the same, the other club immediately increases their offer to £13m or so. Again, you then have to wait for your offer to be rejected, which it always in this circumstance. This was introduced in the 2012 version, it didn't happen before then.
  6. I've sent it for you to have a look at - if it's no good then no worries.
  7. All the text and media messages in the game need to be rewritten so it sounds different, even if what is actually happening is the same. This will make it seem fresher and more interesting. As well as this I'd like - as Vane suggested above - a match report after the game. Besides that, I'd like the match tactics to reflect reality and for 'form' to feature less. Also, player interaction needs to be completely changed, without making the game a chore.
  8. No, unfortunately not. I have a save where it is reporting he has agreed to join Sunderland and the following Actions are all disabled: Offer contract, Offer to CLubs, Transfer Status, Release. Amusingly I am his favoured person, yet he also has a strained relationship with me. At this point in the game he has a broken shoulder (3 weeks out). Just checking his contract status in the save and his contract expiry is listed as July 2036 (game time is May 2034) and he is on £60k. Now, I wasn't paying him £60k and his contract expiry was 2034 before he agreed to the move to Sunderland so it looks even more messed up. I can send you this if you like?
  9. As a postscript to this. After the new season started his status removed the joining Sunderland messages and all his Actions were now available.
  10. Not sure if this is a bug or not. I had a player who was unhappy, then decided he was going to stay with the team, but his contract was expiring. I didn't have the cash required to make him a contract offer that was acceptable. A few weeks before the contract expired Sunderland offered him one. His status changed to "Joining Sunderland at the end of his contract". His mood changed to looking forward to joining Sunderland (god knows why). The options in his profile then greyed out the possibility of releasing him. Just before his contract ran out the Chairman pumped a load of cash into the club, so the next day, when it did expire, and I got the notice saying he was now a free agent, I had the option to offer a better contract. I immediately did, the same day, and got a reply saying he had accepted the offer and signed a new, three year contract. However, his status still says he is joining Sunderland when his contract has expired, and that he's looking forward to it. His contract now though runs for another three years.
  11. I know there's sometimes a slight surprise, and even though SAF finishing 4th and getting it is a fiddle, it's not entirely outrageous. That's why I wouldn't have been surprised to have seen either Napoli or Milan get the vote because they had good seasons. But a team near the bottom who have done absolutely nothing?
  12. One game before the end of the season, my Juve side has won the league having scored a record number of goals and the biggest away win ever. We won the Italian cup and are in the final of the Champions League. All in my first season at Juve, after success at Bayern Munich, Barca and Leeds (won CL at all three). Napoli and AC Milan put up a great fight and made it a real challenge in the league (2nd and 3rd), we beat Napoli in the cup final and Milan in the CL semis. Either of those teams' manager deserves credit as well. So who gets the Manager of Serie A award? The manager of Chievo, who sit one place above the relegation zone with two teams still able to catch them on the final day, and has done nothing in the cup or europe. What on earth was this? A sympathy vote? Or has the dead hand of the mafia been involved? The runner-up incidentally was Sampdoria, who finished in 13th and also did nothing in the cups. Their managers were Francesco Totti and (bizarrely) Frank Lampard.
  13. Completely agree with this. FIFA does a good job of it, and that's an arcade game for heaven's sake. If I'm selling players, there's almost always a last minute bid on deadline day, and I've had offers that were accepted the day before, with terms the player wanted issued, still not be completed which is ridiculous. This really is a must-have feature - and expanded day that changes the simulation time and makes the computer AI get its finger out. And put in the option to skip entirely for players who aren't interested in this.
  14. No, it's not that one Pobdork, you just get a transfer cancelled as x cannot afford the transfer fee message. Sounds like a new one!
  15. I didn't think this year's game was very good value IF you bought last years. However, if you have never bought it before then it's excellent value. For £7.99 you get a game that's lots of fun and you'll play for months. In some respects I'd rather pay £9.99 or even £12.99 and get much more new content. Alternatively, it's a pity that there isn't an upgrade price from one year to the other so that regular buyers pay less than those buying for the first time as the first time buyer gets an entirely new product while the upgrader is getting much the same game.
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