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  1. Something that I've really wanted to see implemented for years now is the option to change your away/third colours at the end of each year/every other year. It could be like when you're asked for your pitch size, maybe at the end of May you get a message requesting whether you wish to keep your current colours or alter them. I think this would be a nifty little way to contribute towards keep a long-term game fresh. One obvious problem that this would bring up would be kit images, which I think could be worked around. There could be several generic templates in the game (basically what is currently used in the English Premier League), only they wouldn't be assigned to a team via the editor as images - I find it hard to explain what I mean, but they'd be part of the game, not images that are part of the game's database. Then when choosing your new colours you'd select a template and the colours of the shirt. Of course, for teams that have their actual kit in the game there would be an option to use an image put into the database, but to edit your kit colours the second year around I'd have to switch from the image of their kit to a template. Using an example, let's say I'm playing as Brighton. I play a season with their away colours being white but at the end of my first season I decide I want a change - so when given the choice, I can switch from the white and blue colours to lets say, red and black, with the little shirt being changed from the actual picture of Brighton's away kit to a generic striped red and black shirt. I think that would be how that could be worked around. Hopefully some people got that?
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