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  1. Loans

    I generally try loan out at start of season (usually when i pick up regens for future use or profit), but I also use the no transfer window perk, so have been actively trying for some time now, will send you my saved game when i get home.
  2. Loans

    Might be a bit late, but I have recently started playing again, not sure which update effected this either. For the last few years I was able to sign potential wonderkids, stack them in reserves and never have a problem loaning them out, infact the issue used to be that teams starting from A to B to C etc would approach first in alphabetical order. The problem now is I simple can't loan out the majority of my kids, out of the 18 players I have in reserve only 1 has been loaned out. I do the usual, list for loan, and offer to clubs for a full season. Has this been a documented change I have missed, a bug or something else? I am currently playing with Harrogate Town, in league 1 with back to back promotions, currently at 25th Sept 2014 Cheers
  3. Good Players and Steals!

    Alex Smithies (GK) - Huddesfield Can be picked up pretty cheap at start of a new game, every save I have had he is England #1 after a few years
  4. Big Game / Rivalries Having the ability to interact with press regarding big games or hated rivalries, being able to criticise or complement other players and managers outside your own team. In general more media interaction.
  5. did you know you can spam turn it off and on and the money just keeps going up and up
  6. Change a players position?

    The worst one is when they are yellow in an off position, perform well in said position, have stats for said position but refuse to train in that position ><
  7. select england team, then go to manager options and resign
  8. Cant see it working, as you would constantly have to wait for your mates to press continue, and if 1 leaves the game or just dosnt log on for a while youd be stuck
  9. ipad 2 or iphone 4s

    I have a 4s, and game runs fine, I have done the usual disable Siri, auto clock updates etc etc that kill the battery and performance
  10. In Need Of A Striker!!!

    Jay Rodriguez from Burnley, cheap and with the right training is partnered with rooney a few years down the line for england
  11. A problem with unrealistic transfers

    Happens all the time, and I believe there are numerous threads on the matter, its not just transfers but loans aswell, bringing a team up from BSN to EPL is a pain in the arse
  12. - Ability to negotiate a permanent deal as part of loaning a player - Media interaction to include rivalries - Player Interaction needs improving, I should be able to give feedback on a few specifics, eg form, disciplin, bookings / sendings off etc - Editor (not esential for me but a good idea, maybe as a seperate downloadable app?) - Ability to enable disable a timeframe window for last day transfer deals, usually offers are made and dont go through - Ability to either manage the reserve team or automatically have the assitant do it, allowing reserve players to play in reserve games throughout the season. - Ability to search for specific player attitudes, e.g search for relentless, loyal, sporting etc
  13. Save Data Gone!!!!!!

    these 2 quotes made my day, good luck at getting your save game back though, could be worse, I lost all my saves and achievements after I broke the game lol, no biggie though
  14. iPhone - Headed Goals?

    I egt alot of headers, but mainly as I play long balls into my 2 target men
  15. The coding would suggest that Fulham have a higher reputation than a BSS team, irelevant of current positions it is all based on the premesis of reputation when it comes to this kind of matter. Generally a quick work around is to offer a new contract to the player who is unhappy, this usually cheers them up, otgher than that I agree it is a problem, not sure what can be done about it though.