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  1. 2024 Newport county looked like steam did some form of update beforehand. Strange that literally everything has gone from all the FM related folders. Time to wait for 2018 if I can't retrieve it unless I can find a very good save to engross myself in!
  2. Just fired up Fm17 for the first time in a few weeks and all of my user data has gone - Saved games, tactics, skins, graphics etc. When I go into My Documents where the FM user data is stored every folder within the Fm17 folder is empty but has todays date as it's created date. Any ideas? I haven't deleted the Fm17 folder nor reinstalled the game
  3. Great edits, any chance of some more carribean nations - particularly Dominican Republic as they launched a new professional league this year.
  4. Hi, Really liking the look of this mod. Is there any way of amending so that the 33% transfer tax doesn't happen? I notice it doesn't happen in the lower leagues and assume it is hard coded to the MLS? - Would creating a new division with a new unique ID and replacing the MLS with that resolve it? - I've tried myself but my advanced editor skills aren't great
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