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  1. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Do you have a blog or do you exclusively post content here?
  2. Which attributes would make a goalkeeper absolutely terrible at saving longshots? I'm guessing anticipation, concentration, and positioning.
  3. After trying it out for a few games, it doesn't. It actually makes the libero more involved imo.
  4. Does having a player in the DM slot still restrict a libero's forward movement?
  5. Which attributes determine how good a goalkeeper is at saving penalties? I bought a new keeper in the summer and he's saved 5 penalties in a row so far this season, I'm curious about what makes him so good.
  6. Transfer history no longer has a totals line showing total income/expenditure, somewhat annoying and I don't see why it was removed. Transfer history is also no longer retained, you can't see transfer activity from previous seasons.
  7. Well no, it's 3 clicks and it's incredibly tedious when you have to do it every single match. They even made it worse this year by increasing the number of clicks, it used to be 2.
  8. Yes the promises matter, I've just had a very promising youngster request a transfer because I broke a "will play from the bench promise" despite him making about 20 sub appearances in the previous season.
  9. Because when your assistant gives you his monthly training report you can see tactic familiarity. So it's a bug? Good to know
  10. I've just noticed that tactic familiarity is now a thing on FMT where do I go to train 3 tactics? I can't find it in training
  11. Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) (14393.rs1_release_inmarket.161004-2338) Also, to elaborate: All of the players are actually selected when I press ctrl+a. However, if I right-click the selection from the top of the list (in order to get scout reports for example) then I can't interact with the whole selection. If I right-click from the bottom of the list then I can. In the attached screenshots you can see that when I right-click from the top of the selection I'm only interacting with 23 players. When I right-click from the bottom of the list I'm interacting with the entire selection (39 players).
  12. I've had moderate success with the following flat 343 Very fluid/attacking Max d-line, max pressing, offside trap, tight marking, prevent distribution, play out of defence. No PIs. GKd CDd/CDd/CDd DWs/CMs/CMs/DWs CFs/CFa/CFs
  13. Performance is much improved since the update! Pretty much what I'd expect it to be like so it looks like it's fixed.