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  1. Question regarding team fluidity in FM20: Has it been confirmed that this is simply a label that has no effect ? So the mentality structure of very fluid is identical to very structured for example ? And follow up question - does everything play as if it was "flexible" on previous versions of FM ?
  2. Have any of the following been added to FMT18? Notes Tutoring (or at least being able to cancel tutoring when the game makes a bad choice) No automatic OIs Being able to compare any player regardless of position (for example, comparing a CB to a ST)
  3. Earlier on this year I built a squad where everyone had at least 12 leadership and there was no discernible difference in performances or morale. So long as your captain has good leadership/determination/teamwork/personality then you're fine, those stats for your other players are probably irrelevant.
  4. Just wondering if this is a bug or if it's just exceptionally difficult to make keepers good with the ball. I've found that it's basically impossible to increase passing and vision for goalkeepers, vision constantly drops over their career and training passing is ridiculously difficult. I've literally had goalkeepers on a sweeper keeper training routine and passing individual focus for their entire career (age 16 to mid 30s) and they'll still end up with something like 7 passing and 6 vision. In all of my years of FM I've never managed to develop, or even find, a regen with elite distrib
  5. I had good success earlier on the year with a very direct and attacking 442. In terms of player archetypes it was a classic 442 with a big man and a little man up top and pacy wingers out wide. In central midfield I had physically imposing box to box players who could run all day. At full back I prioritised defensively solid players, I wasn't expecting anything from them offensively bar the odd cross from deep. The target man is probably the most important player, if he can't win his headers and dominate the opposition then you'll find it very hard to win. Attacking/fluid More
  6. Is there any way to access my transfer history? In the transfer tab it looks as if I can only see the transfer history for the current season. I'd quite like to look at the players I've left go in the past to see where they ended up and how they developed.
  7. In my current game it was Suarez then Ronaldo then Messi (x3) then Neymar (x4) then Martial x4 then it was regens who started winning.
  8. The bit about swing attributes is very true, they're definitely amongst the most important. I personally ignore bravery though, concentrating on determination/workrate/teamwork/stamina I firmly believe that you only need 3 world class players through the spine to dominate, you can get away with everyone else being rubbish so long as they have a bit of pace and they're hardworking determined players. That's been my strategy recently and it's been working fantastically well.
  9. I've found a young centre back that I'm considering buying. The kid's only 18 and the following stats are all at least 14: Heading, marking, tackling, bravery, anticipation, concentration, decisions, determination, leadership, teamwork, work rate, balance, strength. He's basically perfect. The only issue is that he's 1.67m tall and his jumping is 6... will the rest of his stats mitigate this? I'm hoping that his 18 heading and 19 bravery should make him decent enough in the air. He can't really be retrained to full back or DM by the way, his off the ball is only 2 so it's far to
  10. I endured 2 seasons of consistent monthly losses, selling a megastar each summer so that I'd have enough in the bank to last the season. The situation seems to have rectified itself this season though as we renegotiated our sponsorship deals (nearly a x10 increase) and cash flow is now much better.
  11. Yep, this still works really well so long as you have a good target man. I've had good success with it this year.
  12. I've respected every single budget given to me by the board, I even have 600k p/w unused in my wage budget, yet my club is absolutely haemorrhaging money on a monthly basis. How can I find out why we're losing money? And why is this even happening? Surely everything should be fine so long as I follow the budgets that the board gives me.
  13. Is leadership actually useful during matches? The online manual describes it like this: "Leadership is the player’s ability to affect events or other players. Players with high Leadership will be influential on the pitch and team-mates will tend to rally around these players." So how exactly would leadership be beneficial in matches? What does "being influential" and a "rally point" mean exactly?
  14. Cheers Ozil 343 diamond as in your Cruyff diamond (3511)? What are your thoughts on the roles for a flat 343? I was thinking of the following: CDx---CDc---CDx WMs---CMs---CMs---WMs DLFs---AFa---DLFs That midfield is as neutral as it gets, no PIs whatsoever on any player. Since I'm a pretty terrible tactician I was thinking that it's probably best to just leave it up to the players to make their own decisions. EDIT: with the usual high block TIs and standard/very fluid.
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