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  1. Herne's 442 thread, all of Ozil's very fluid threads, and all of Cleon's ''the art of x'' threads. Thread quality (and quantity) has been lower this year.
  2. Notes would be a great addition to FMT
  3. For goalkeepers, is "rushing out" a tendency like "tendency to punch" or is it a reflection of how good the goalkeeper is at rushing out? I've seen it described both ways online in the past. Also, what exactly is eccentricity and why is it useful for sweeper keepers? Is it true that the set-piece attributes (corners, free kicks, long throws, penalties) don't cost any CA and are essentially "free" attribute points?
  4. Does 3 star potential mean that the player can be as good as my current best player for the position?
  5. Flat 343, defensive, flexible, no TIs or PIs. -------------GKd ------CDx---CDc---CDx --DWs---CMs---CMs---DWs -------CFs---CFa---CFs Probably my favourite tactic I've created. You probably have to have a brilliant front line though, the whole tactic is geared towards creating a solid platform which just lets the front trio do their own thing.
  6. Is the PI "hold position" the equivalent of setting forward runs to rarely? Or does it just prevent roaming?
  7. If you play a stand-offish counter attacking game, is it beneficial to have players with lower aggression so that they keep their shape better?
  8. What's the age limit on tutoring? I thought that players could be tutored up to (and including) the age of 21, however I've just had a 23 year old player "fall out" with his tutor. Is this a bug or have SI increased the age limit this year?
  9. Any idea on how to do it? As a starting point I'm thinking counter and rigid with play out of defence and pass into space. The biggest issue, as I see it, is the team formation. I'm currently torn between a flat 343: ---CDd---CDd---CDd WMs---CMs---CMs---WMs ---CFs---CFs---CFs A wide 3421: ---CDd---CDd---CDd WBs---DMs---DMs---WBs ---------------------------- IFs--------------------IFs ------------CFs Or a narrower 3421: ---CDd---CDd---CDd WBs---DMs---DMs---WBs -------AMs---AMs -----------F9s I've played a few games with each of them and the flat 343 looks like a fairly good representation when in possession, but I'm not getting the tracking back that I want from the two outside strikers and they stay a bit too high up the pitch when in possession too. In the defensive phase the 3421 with the AMs looks more like how Wales play. So the trick now is reconciling the two. The 3421 with inside forwards looks completely wrong in both the attacking and the defensive phases. I think that creating the defence and the midfield is fairly easy, it's a back 3 with two conservative midfielders sitting in front of it. The wing backs/wide midfielders provide width (especially Gunter on the right). Some will probably recommend DLP or regista for Allen and B2B or BWM for Ledley/Edwards but I feel that they both have very similar (and basic) roles to be honest, the players just play them differently due to their attributes and styles of play. The real difficulty is recreating the front 3. As I see it, the rest of the team is disciplined and conservative which creates a platform for the front 3 to roam around and do their own thing, which is why I initially went with 3 complete forwards on a support duty. At the moment I'm experimenting with AMs-F9-AMs and it's actually looking fairly promising. I might try fluid next, since it splits the team into an attacking block and a defensive block, I really don't want the increased creative freedom though. How would you guys implement Wales' tactics into FM? I think I'm fairly close but it still needs a bit of work.
  10. He was in United's reserves for a few years before moving to Aston Villa and then Middlesbrough in my save. Very strange.
  11. Do Parma have a very high reputation? I'm able to attract players who are way too good for Serie C on loan. Very fun though, it means that I can steamroll the opposition and get a quick promotion.
  12. It's definitely a 442 or 4411. imo, in FM, the roles are probably: GK - D RB - FB - S CB - CD - D CB - CD - D LB - WB - S RM - W - S CM - DLP - S CM - B2B - S LM - WM - S ST - AF - A ST - DF - D Counter or defensive Very fluid Clear ball to flanks More direct passing Higher tempo Pass into space
  13. The 4312 is a fun formation if you like goalscoring attacking midfielders. You can have both strikers on a support duty dropping wide and deep with the AMC as an AMa or shadow striker who runs into the vacated space. Could be an option with sturridge (CFs/F9), Benteke (DLFs), and Firmino (SS).
  14. You'll probably want a supporting forward and an attacking striker, they're are lots of ways to do this. Based on your personnel you'll probably want Benteke as a target man, deep lying forward, or defensive forward. His partner would benefit from being a poacher, advanced forward, or complete forward. If you want to avoid overly direct football target man would be a role to avoid. What formation are you planning on using? Liverpool have the squad for 442, 4312, 352, 343, etc. So you have plenty of choice if you want to play multiple strikers.
  15. A DFd/DFs combo in a counter attacking 442 is surprisingly effective.