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  1. For dev info - I'm asking because I actually play on my laptop via xbox in home streaming It's a great feature for FM players who have an xbox x/s and a weak pc/laptop. There's potentially a significant performance boost and adding mouse/keyboard support would make the experience perfect
  2. I'm actually quite surprised that this isn't already here tbh - is this a planned feature in the future ?
  3. Question regarding team fluidity in FM20: Has it been confirmed that this is simply a label that has no effect ? So the mentality structure of very fluid is identical to very structured for example ? And follow up question - does everything play as if it was "flexible" on previous versions of FM ?
  4. Have any of the following been added to FMT18? Notes Tutoring (or at least being able to cancel tutoring when the game makes a bad choice) No automatic OIs Being able to compare any player regardless of position (for example, comparing a CB to a ST)
  5. Is leadership actually useful during matches? The online manual describes it like this: "Leadership is the player’s ability to affect events or other players. Players with high Leadership will be influential on the pitch and team-mates will tend to rally around these players." So how exactly would leadership be beneficial in matches? What does "being influential" and a "rally point" mean exactly?
  6. Cheers Ozil 343 diamond as in your Cruyff diamond (3511)? What are your thoughts on the roles for a flat 343? I was thinking of the following: CDx---CDc---CDx WMs---CMs---CMs---WMs DLFs---AFa---DLFs That midfield is as neutral as it gets, no PIs whatsoever on any player. Since I'm a pretty terrible tactician I was thinking that it's probably best to just leave it up to the players to make their own decisions. EDIT: with the usual high block TIs and standard/very fluid.
  7. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I'm curious as to what you do when the opposition is playing 2 strikers up top? I tend to struggle in particular against 352 variants and 4312, any tips for dealing with that? Also any tips for when the AI switches to a super direct 433 narrow at the end of matches?
  8. Thanks Herne and Samuel. So, if you play with a sweeper keeper who mainly distributes to his back line then is the kicking attribute largely irrelevant since he's mostly playing short passes in order to retain possession?
  9. For a goalkeeper, what is the difference between kicking and passing? And when does each attribute come into play?
  10. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! Do you have a blog or do you exclusively post content here?
  11. Which attributes would make a goalkeeper absolutely terrible at saving longshots? I'm guessing anticipation, concentration, and positioning.
  12. After trying it out for a few games, it doesn't. It actually makes the libero more involved imo.
  13. Which attributes determine how good a goalkeeper is at saving penalties? I bought a new keeper in the summer and he's saved 5 penalties in a row so far this season, I'm curious about what makes him so good.
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