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  1. This is probably going to be a long post so I'll apologise now. Why do I say the ME is broken? Because it is, that's why... I'm no newbie to FM, I've played every iteration since it's inception up until FM11 when SI decided to force us to install Steam in order to play the game... I know (knew?) how to set up a tactic, how to manage squads, how to deal with training, how to get the best deals in contract and/or transfer negotiations (for the most part), how to take teams from the bottom rungs of the leagues to world domination, etc etc etc... Some of you may recall that with FM11 I only saved the game after every 15 matches (yes that is FIFTEEN), leaving the PC running for days on end and only saving it sooner if I had to reboot the PC, go away for a few days or if it was the end of the season so it's not as if I don't know how to play the game. It has NEVER taken me THREE HOURS to play a single match on FM until last night! 3 hours! I kid you not. I find I now have to constantly micro-manage everything throughout the match, making umpteen number of minor tactical changes just to try and win a match. I did win the match, eventually, but only after making any number of minor tactical tweaks in order to try and stop my players doing stupid, nonsensical or completely illogical things - even though many of the changes didn't change anything. In the past your assistant's feedback and the fix would be something like this: misplacing too many short passes > pass it longer TI misplacing too many long passes > pass it shorter TI misplacing too many easy passes > lower tempo TI our passes are not finding their targets whatever the distances > increase tempo TI So last night in order to appease my assistant I ended up with maximum tempo and go route one but did that make any difference? Well, not really, certainly no positive difference. Even before changing anything my full-backs/centre-backs were hoofing the ball long even when there were apparently at least 3 good options for a simple pass. I was using a downloaded tactic that since I've downloaded it I've changed pretty much everything within except the roles (and even at least one of those I've changed) - the reason for using a downloaded tactic being the new TC is completely different to the sliders of old that I'm used to and I'm still learning it. Despite changing the TI's my full-backs were still hoofing it long despite there being a centre-back, centre-mid and a winger all within a fairly close proximity. I changed their passing lengths, still hoofed it unnecessarily. I changed their roles, still hoofed it unnecessarily. I changed their PI's, still hoofed it unnecessarily. And so on and so forth, it just made no sense whatsoever, no matter what I did the players did whatever they wanted. Before anybody asks, mentality/strategy was set to Standard so no obvious reason why they should be hoofing the ball. But it didn't end there. Despite having corner takers assigned they were being taken by a player that had (in my eyes) completely unsuitable attributes for taking corners - one of which led to a conceded goal on the break as he tried to cross it to where HE was supposed to be... And talking of corners, oh my, where to begin... First off let's go with defending corners. Because the training has also changed massively from the FM11 days I have my assistant set to manage training, do they not bother working on defending set-pieces unless told to do so? I'm guessing not which must be a real downer for new players to FM when they see their team totally ignore the instructions you set in the TC. Example: this is a corner we conceded from the two players stood below the penalty spot are supposed to be 1. mark tall and 2. man mark and yet there are two players above the pen spot unmarked. The player to the left of the pen spot is set to mark tall and indeed he is my tallest player marking their tallest player BUT when the corner comes across, he follows the player until the other player told to mark tall "takes over" but as he is a good few inches shorter and (presumably) moving backwards and therefore unable to generate a jump the opposing player wins the header, nods it down to one of the unmarked players who belts it into the back of the net. Now yes my team haven't been told to focus on defending set-pieces prior to the match but the instructions are fairly simple, i.e. MARK SOMEONE! But obviously they don't... Then as we approach the last ten minutes of the game winning 3-2 (only because of my afore-mentioned micro-managing of the match) I tell the team to take short corners, a routine for which I have already created and obviously loaded at the same time as changing the instruction to take them short. I'd also changed strategy/mentality to defensive and increased time-wasting to maximum. What happens? Well obviously we just keep firing the ball across the box, no short corner, no keeping the ball in the corner, just give the ball away to the opposition who have 7 players in the box to my 4... and this didn't just happen once, but at least twice more IIRC so it wasn't as if they needed to adjust to the new instructions, they just ignored them. I could go on about other issues re: corners, corner takers, corner routines, etc, but I think you get the point, corners are broken.. I've already mentioned in the Match Engine forum about low crossing seemingly not working since the hotfix and again, despite being told to use low crosses my players crossed one in ten low (if that many) all the rest were just bread and butter for the opposition defence and even those low crosses weren't towards any of my players It's not like I can even tell my strikers where to aim their crosses anymore, it's an instruction that has been removed in the new TC, but as the low crosses that did come in were from my strikers you'd have thought they might try and find their strike partner, no? No.. obviously not, that would be too simple. I haven't even touched on the defenders backing away from the ball instead of attacking it (something I thought had been fixed in the FM11.3 ME), the ball hitting players on the back when they should be facing it (I can't believe that this is STILL an issue), players passing it to the opposition when the simple pass is to a team mate (in fact, "simple passes" appear to be virtually impossible for my players to execute at all), players passing it out of play, players stopping the ball for the opposition player to collect even when it would be our ball if it went out of play, or the goalkeeper ignoring virtually all PI's and just hoofing the ball down the centre of the pitch. It's more than just frustrating, it almost makes me want to cry, nothing seems to work like it used to or like you would expect it to and having to micro-manage each match for 3 hours at a time is not going to endear me to FM18 for very long. I could go on and on and on about all the issues I faced in just this one match but as I hope my few examples demonstrates the title of this post is not hyperbole as some will try to say, the match engine truly is broken (as is the TC, training, and pretty much everything else to do with FM18). It's not fun anymore, it's horrible, and when you have forked out over £165 in order to play the game it's downright disappointing. N.B. £165 = £105+ for 2nd hand laptop cos Steam is not going anywhere near my main PC anytime before I die; £15+ for a new battery for the laptop and £45 for FM18 Limited Edition from GAME (£45!!!)
  2. Is it possible to create a skin that I'll be able to find everything without clicking, clicking and clicking again searching for stuff? I haven't played FM since FM11 but I had that skinned up with the Flex11 skin and that was based on the FM09 standard skin. I could find everything on there, on FM18 I can't find anything, some of the places for stuff that has been moved make no sense to me even if they do to SI and I detest the sidebar menu with a passion. I want to click on my squad screen and be able to access everything from there as in the past - tactics, fixtures (schedule? seriously SI?), even team-talk feedback on my ass-man's profile would be good. My opinion of the FM18 GUI is very much a (lots of) thumbs down. So is there a skin, is anybody working on one, that perhaps replicates as much as possible the original FM09 and if so where would I find it? Much appreciated.
  3. FM is no longer football manager, we're not allowed to manage our teams/tactics as we could in the older versions, now we're expected to use arbitrary "roles" and "mentality"s that have fixed and unchangeable options that if they don't fit in with how you want your team to play then it's tough. Whoever decided on what each "role" entailed and what should be locked in have removed our ability to "manage" our teams in our own, personal, ways. You MUST use these arbitrary roles even when they don't do what you want them to do. I explain a little bit in this post why the roles don't work for me. Yes, playing around with team mentalities adjusts the player's mentalities but I'm still forced into having my full-backs (and other players) doing what someone else has decided they should do, even if that doesn't work with the players in my squad. For example, with the full-backs, they either cross from byline (but they have to get further forward) or they cross from deep which means my 5'7" and 5'9" strikers get no service and the opposition centre-backs get "meat & drink" hurled up to them. This is the first time I've bought FM since FM11 and to say I'm disappointed would be an understatement. Take my game last night, 3-2 up with 88 minutes on the clock and yet the only way to get my players to waste time was to change mentality to "contain", something that my lower league players obviously couldn't do because we lost 4-3! Had I been able to just adjust the time-wasting slider to often then the control we had over the game and the result would probably have been much different. I don't know when the classic tactics were taken out of the game but with the current system it is impossible to get my team to play the way that I want them to play, I have to go with SOMEBODY ELSE'S arbitrary way of playing because they think that's the way it should be. It isn't. It should be up to me how I set my team up, there should be nothing locked in and unchangeable. Fine, let there be suggested/recommended PI's, TI's and OI's, but don't lock them in because they don't work for every team, every situation or for every human player. #SortItOutSi
  4. Ha! Fat chance of anybody being able to replicate my FM11 tactic in FM18 as I'm trying to do it myself and straight away the very first position I've tried to copy is the full-back and certain things are locked in to each role and some of them I didn't have set in FM11.. E.G. The mentality setting of my FM11 fullback was 12/20, the nearest I can get on FM18 is 13/20 with the FB/Att or complete WB/Att.. My FM11 FB had passing 11/20 (10/20 in FM18), closing down 19/20 (it looks like 17/20 in FM18), forward runs were set to sometimes in FM11 (often in FM18), similarly crossing was sometimes in FM11 (often in FM18)... (all brackets FB/Att) Dear SI can we please please please have a blank template where we can set our own instructions that doesn't have anything locked in (cos they don't make sense). I know without even finishing the tactic that the players are not going to perform in the way that I want them to, the full-back is going to be bombing forward at every opportunity and firing crosses in left, right and centre when I'd rather he choose his moments to get forward with a bit more care and only cross when the better opportunity arises. #SortItOutSi
  5. Cos I'm too lazy to make one myself, as I said in the OP I expect it would be a lot of work and "lot of work" and "Lazaru5" don't go well together I knew it was a long shot but thanks anyway Kubi, I guess I'll have to stick with FM18..
  6. Yes it is... but it's weird. I did all you asked then reloaded my save, the first player I clicked on was the first alphabetically, his "keep history after retirement" wasn't ticked so I selected it. I then scrolled through the squad with the breadcrumbs and ALL of them had it ticked until I reached the first again whose wasn't ticked again. So I ticked it then clicked back to get back to the first screen I'd started with. I then right clicked on the first player and in the menu it wasn't ticked (again) so I selected it in the menu then opened his profile to again scroll through the rest of the squad. This is where it gets weird as his was ticked but NONE of the others was... The only other player who has it ticked is the only other player who I've right-clicked and selected it rather than doing it on the history menu on the player's profiles so I can select it that way on the other players but it still won't work from the profile/history menu
  7. both PI and OI were already set as was TI "mark tighter" but their winger was still in acres, the only way to properly mark him was with my winger hence my original post
  8. As someone else said - when you get the crash pop-up... although that's not strictly true as it's only forced me into a new save once (I'd lost almost a full month's worth of game-time with the crash and I couldn't remember what I'd done, who I'd signed, etc). I sometimes start a new save when the third patch is out too, less chance of bugs, crashes, etc.. Also, if it's a challenge save then I do the challenge season(s), if I get bored with the current save after several seasons I tend to add managers and manage several teams - my FM09 save has 3 different managers, one a one team 20+ year manager, one a kind of journeyman and a 3rd who is relatively new (2nd season at same club), my FM11 main save is a single club manager (bottom of BSS to European domination!) but I had lost the first save in FM11 to the crash, played a couple of challenges and also tried an all leagues playable save where I started in Indonesia with Persika Karawang (who?) lol
  9. I didn't ask if you thought it was a good idea, I asked how to do it... FYI I watch the full match on normal speed and make tactical changes to react to issues I see happening on the pitch. Whilst I know the 3D view is only a graphical representation of what's actually happening in the ME it is good enough to notice when things are going wrong. I use my assistant's advice and the stats to decide what is the best course of action to take - i.e. all the information available to me, why have an assistant if you ignore his advice? Watching the full match means I can see what difference the changes I make has on the overall complexion of the game but when my FB is basically marking space whilst their winger has enough time to do a few keepy-uppy's before crossing the obvious thing to do is to tell my FB to mark their winger.. then my FB ends up halfway up the pitch following their winger.. Telling my winger to mark the opposing winger I see him tracking back and thus reducing the amount of time and space the opposition winger has but also pulling my winger out of the position I want him to be in. Trying to get players to do what they should do is proving to be harder than it needs to be, football is a simple game in theory and whilst I realise that theory and practice are two separate things the basic theory should still apply - it's then down to the individual abilities of the players as to how well they apply the theory but not in FM18 it seems.
  10. I definitely preferred the FM09, 10, 11 model to the older way of training or the newer way. You could better develop your players with the 09 model than with the current one. I know it was a lot of work initially but the benefits could be massive, it's another thing that I've noticed SI has taken out of the game that I'd like to see return in some way. If it could be something like the oldest model (five-a-side, def v att, sprint, etc) mixed with the slider model of 09 that would be even better. I doubt it'll ever make a comeback though, been dumbed down for the newer FM player rather than the old schoolers who've played FM forever (altho FM18 is my first since FM11 so noticed a LOT of changes, many good, some not so)
  11. Probably a long shot as it's likely to be a LOT of work but is there anybody who could create such a database as in the title who would do so? Basically, I want to play FM11 but with an up-to-date database with teams in their 17/18 divisions with their current squads and with the current CA/PA's. I'd happily take just the English/British league(s) if necessary although all major Euro leagues/comps would be preferable If anybody knows where I might find such a database it would be much appreciated if you could point me in the right direction.
  12. I used the defensive winger as an example, but don't you think it's a bit of a ball-ache having to change everything just to tell him to ease off tackling, waste 4 or 5 minutes or more where a simple click should suffice... If we can't have sliders there should be blank templates where we can create our own "roles" for each position specific to our tactics/style of play, that way we define our own rules per position instead of having to use preset roles that don't fit into how we want or expect our players to play. Like I said, I could upload my FM09/FM11 tactic and let someone with more knowledge of the new TC recreate it for me if anybody wants to be so kind
  13. yep, tried that still get the message "player X is getting too much space for his crosses despite our efforts to close him down, he needs marking specifically" (may or may not be exact wording) 8 games into the season in Vanarama National League I know precious little about any players apart from my own, I'm reliant on my assistant and the stats to make decisions, ass-man says he needs marking specifically but I have to use my winger which then means MY winger isn't where I want him to be when we win the ball back.. P.S. #GrammarPolice - it's THEIR winger, not there but hey, minor detail Oh so that's ok then is it? Strict man-marking died in the modern game because FM can't replicate it? Seriously? smh
  14. So how do I get my players to play like footballers? I have my striker in acres of space on the edge of the area smack in front of goal but instead of shooting he tries to bring in my full-back who is nowhere near where he passes it to and the ball goes out of play. Similarly I have had the full-back clean through on goal, 10-12 yards out, open goal and he tries to pass it to a heavily marked striker... why doesn't he shoot? Is there some nice person out there who could take my very successful FM11 tactic and convert it to an FM18 tactic? The tactic in FM11 was originally created in FM09 but I recreated it in FM11 as best I could before converting it to classic and finishing it off with the sliders. I can't find any roles that do what I want my players to do 100%, they'll do X & Y but won't do Z or they'll do A & B but won't do C, it's ridiculously annoying.. I mean, take the defensive winger role, hard tackling as default in the role... when he gets booked can I tell him to ease off tackling? Can I heck so I either sub him, change his role or take the risk and hope he doesn't get another booking - ridiculous..
  15. So, IRL your full-back would mark the opposing winger, and your winger would mark the opposing full-back yet if I tell my full-back to mark the winger he is "getting pulled out of position" and I have to have my winger marking the opposing winger... who then marks the opposing full-back? It doesn't make sense that my winger should mark a winger, my full-back has nobody to mark and conversely I have nobody to mark the opposing full-back, how do I fix this? #BringBackSliders
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