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  1. This is probably going to be a long post so I'll apologise now. Why do I say the ME is broken? Because it is, that's why... I'm no newbie to FM, I've played every iteration since it's inception up until FM11 when SI decided to force us to install Steam in order to play the game... I know (knew?) how to set up a tactic, how to manage squads, how to deal with training, how to get the best deals in contract and/or transfer negotiations (for the most part), how to take teams from the bottom rungs of the leagues to world domination, etc etc etc... Some of you may recall that with FM11 I o
  2. FM is no longer football manager, we're not allowed to manage our teams/tactics as we could in the older versions, now we're expected to use arbitrary "roles" and "mentality"s that have fixed and unchangeable options that if they don't fit in with how you want your team to play then it's tough. Whoever decided on what each "role" entailed and what should be locked in have removed our ability to "manage" our teams in our own, personal, ways. You MUST use these arbitrary roles even when they don't do what you want them to do. I explain a little bit in this post why the roles don't work for
  3. Fm09, first time I've seen this... definitely lol'd
  4. He needs to put some weight on to live up to his name (although 12st at 5'11 isn't "thin")
  5. Virtually all of my players will play reserve football during the season, some more than others granted, but even key players OOF or coming back from injury can find themselves playing reserve footy... keeps them on their toes
  6. this would suggest that nobody can take a screenshot of the pitch using Alt+F9 which is false - I have no problems like pigfacemonkeyman has :confused: an example (should one be needed - I have lots..)
  7. I have a lot of Dutch friends and they can all speak (and write) better English than most UK high-school kids...
  8. I'm hoping that he ends up being brought to my attention in my save... I'm currently in my 3rd season with Hereford in League 1 so it's unlikely but if he fails like you all say he might just... and then I'll give him a shot (if my scouts/coaches/assistant all agree)..
  9. nah, he started on 20/20 but 41 games in less than 24 hours just killed him.. lol
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