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  1. Notebook

    At the moment (and always) when you go to the notebook it loads every note and when you have a lot of notes it takes a long time. There's the option to filter by categories and what not but in order to create the categories you have to be in the notebook. Also, you can only set it to show all notes, no notes, or only notes in a specific user defined category - there is no option to show un-categorised notes only. Can it be added somehow so that when I go to my notebook I can only see the notes I haven't yet sorted into categories? It would speed my game up considerably as I wouldn't be waiting for all the notes to load every time I do a bit of housekeeping in the notebook. Thanks
  2. it's broken 1. When I click it in the menu on players/staff members profile and it doesn't tick it until I click it again. 2. Leave profile and go back - no longer ticked. also two crash dumps from when I was going through my squad profiles and selecting keep history I'm running FM18 on a HP elitebook core i5 with 4 gig ram OS Windows 7 Professional 64bit Intel HD graphics 3000 FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.12.04 16.32.44).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.12.04 05.21.26).dmp
  3. hugo, you're going the right way to get this thread closed. Suggesting any of the regular posters on these forums who have genuine concerns or problems *may* be pirates because they "have very few scruples about cheating, stealing, and the general art of deception", which is essentially what you're suggesting is plain wrong. There are a great many of forum regulars who are just as unhappy about the introduction of the Steam-only activation route, despite being able to acknowledge it's apparent success in the battle against piracy. Whilst we don't like the former, we most certainly do applaud the latter, so to suggest that we're pirates is, frankly, almost offensive. Just because we're unhappy about the decision does not make us pirates, and I think you'll find that a great many of those who have joined the forum to complain have bought the game without realising the need for Steam and therefore unhappy or have bought the game, installed Steam and are having genuine issues... I don't think they're pirates either, do you?
  4. couldn't you just play on a laptop... take that to the loo with you instead...?
  5. Long Ball

    The "team" setting for passing tells your players what style of passing to play, the player's individual setting tells him how long or short his passes should be, i.e. the length of them. If you tell a player to play only short passes but then tell the team to play more direct, he'll pass it forward more often than not but the pass will still be short. If you set all player's to the "team" instruction only it won't work properly, you need to restrict the length of passing individually still even though each player's style of passing will match the team's style. If you don't set individual instructions and you set the team to "long" passing, then every player is gonna hoof it long regardless. You need to have a structure to your passing; consider the positions of your players, who will each player be able to pass to easily? Which of these players do you want him to pass to most often? Set his passing length accordingly and he'll pass it to the players you expect him to, when you expect him to and when he is able to, otherwise he'll pass it to the other players within his "range" or he'll hoof it long/out of play. Team = style; Player = length
  6. I'm sure many gamers would agree with you... I doubt that many FM'ers are gamers though... Because of the fact that many FM'ers only play FM, something like Steam is seen as unnecessary, unwanted and mistrusted. And that's before anything else occurs...
  7. RE: the reseller market lots of companies give multi-user/multi-activation licenses out of the box and of those that don't the vast majority would sell second-user licenses. Why then can other software companies offer multiple licenses but a game, that by it's very nature is meant to be shared with others to fully enjoy, needs one license and one copy of the game for anybody who wants to play... think about this. You buy your kids Monopoly for Xmas but, when you get it home, you discover that to play it, you need one Monopoly game each...
  8. Plymouth FM12

    I thought he already was :confused:
  9. Plymouth FM12

    It's more likely to be a standard press announcement across the board rather than specific to the division so if you were in the Prem it would have said the same, in the Championship, etc...
  10. AV - What I allow it to do, for the most part, although sure there are some grey areas with it. On balance, I'm happy with the job it does compared to the "risks" involved FB - Don't have an account, won't have an account, have no idea why people are so happy to share their most intimate secrets, conversations and arguments with the entire world. You know my friends, mum's, sister's step-daughter's best-friend's uncle? Sure you can be my friend.... MSN - Does nothing as I don't use it and no it's not even "running in the background like on so many other PC's - I use Process Explorer to ensure it's not there. I have a Hotmail account, therefore I have an MSN account, but I access Hotmail via my (open-source) browser. X-Box - Don't have one. Don't want one. Don't want any console tbf, although I occasionally enjoy a game on the Wii with friends and relatives Yes, absolutely, I agree completely! Although, when your software is incompatible with lots of other major software it is normally a priority to fix those incompatibilities. Steam has been around long enough to have ensured it was compatible if Valve wanted it to be. The fact that the majority of software it is incompatible with is security programs, the lack of transparency as to what it's really doing and the lack of any real attempt to ensure compatibility does nothing at all to garner confidence in the software and everything to garner severe mistrust. It's not an unreasonable assumption to make that the software isn't everything it claims to be however it's dressed up or glossed over, simply because the negatives far outweigh any potential positives to the end user. I have yet to see a single "positive" for Steam that actually applies to me either directly or indirectly. Nothing at all that anybody has said thus far to "promote" or "support" Steam has any benefit to me whatsoever but Steam holds many, many, many potential negatives for me (not just the ones in this post). As I keep saying, all I want to do is play the game without hassle or problems, just like I have with all the others versions except '09... (which now works like a dream since I found the patch at the top of the forum so I could run it on this computer ). ========== Someone mentioned about Steam being listed as part of the requirements on the back of the box. I wonder how many people who had issues with FM09 and Steam have picked it up, read the back, and put it back on the shelf? I wouldn't be surprised to hear that it was a lot more than anybody may think. People like me who only play FM, or those who only play FM and don't really bother with anything else on their computer (I know lots of people like this) are far less inclined to buy the game in the first place simply because of the Steam requirement. Again, I take the time to wonder how many more threads there would be from unhappy customers had Steam not been listed in the requirements on the box? ====== To those people who can't get a refund: ring the local trading standards from the store... they have to refund you, quote Beta v Adobe in '97 if you must... it's only £30 at the end of the day, they won't want the hassle.. (hmm...)
  11. I don't know what it's doing, that is my point... nobody with any clue as to what the program actually really does will tell you anything at all... nobody, and that is as big a concern as everything else... It doesn't matter that you use 3 of those programs, what matters is there is a potential for problems running Steam and any one of those programs... in reality that shouldn't be the case. These aren't picture editing software or greetings card makers, these are security programs, 100% essential to the safe, secure and stable running of your machine. Nobody should ever install a software that is (potentially) so incompatible with so many security programs... not even gamers, not even FM'ers... nobody. Steam isn't a fly-by-night, they've been around a long time. If FM was incompatible with security programs you know for damn sure that they'd make it compatible... Valve don't seem able (or willing) to do that with Steam...
  12. Plymouth FM12

    lol @ 34mil for a league two team? I remember being offered the AC Milan job in one version of FM or CM or other and being promised £80mill transfer budget so I took the job only to discover I had £0 transfer budget and was massively over wage budget!! (I think the AI lies.. )
  13. and that's a brave assumption. Considering that I've repeatedly asked for information regarding what Steam is doing in "offline" mode when it is using resources and been told nothing of value and considering that the list of security programs with which Steam is incompatible is frightening, it amazes me that people just happily accept that this is ok and install the program... Virus writers have it all wrong, they only need to ask you to install their hostile software - it works for Valve
  14. Yes. The next database update will be 12.1.0