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  1. by the way, do you guys also have the issue that the stadium doesn't look anything like it should?
  2. brexit has officially kicked in but to be honest i have not seen any issues. i think its operating on a point system that players need to get from international appearances. certain players require a work permit. My american players need it but they are playing for the national squad so there is no issue. Also you can always send them out on loan to leagues which dont require WP.
  3. why not use this thread instead now that it has been started?
  4. Athur for 18million sounds good to me as well. I am sure they will both be good. Other good midfielders that others bought a Savic. Tolisso, Gagliardini, Torreira, Shepelev just to name a few. If you want to get another beast for the future playing AMC is Kai Havertz from Leverkusen. What a talent!!! I played as Dortmund in FM17 and i had him in my team. Leverkusen in general have some great talents. Heinrichs is another one i would recommend if it wasnt for TAA in my liverpool game
  5. plus McKennie was only £10 million. how much was Arthur?
  6. I am playing 4-2-3-1 wide formation. Have done since the beginning. I would recommend to use your AML and AMR as inside forwards when you can. This is def a good set up for me. I know have Pulisic / Tillman / Wilson on the left and the Ox / Roberts / Wilson on the right. Barco and Odegaard as Advanced Playmaker. You need 2 strong central midfielders. Milner, Keita and Henderson have done the trick for me. Hope this helps. I had Cutrone on loan for 1 season. He did ok but not worth keeping when so many other better options. de Ligt is a beast! I never tried Arthur, but looks good. I prefer McKennie
  7. I agree Woody looks excellent. I have so far loaned him out to get playing regular. I think i will sell Sturridge soon (who is doing amazing though) to let Woody play. How is your stadium doing? I was hoping for a new stadium but so far only got allowed one small expansion even though my bank balance is 350 million.
  8. You got some good young talents there as well! I didnt so far got youth from my own set up unfortunately. I had to buy them all but i am still hoping. You got Arp for a very good price! Well done. Locatelli is a good buy. I bought him in FM 17 and he did well but in my game Keita, Henderson and Milner were so strong that i didnt need much midfielders. I play with 2 central midfielder and AML AMC and AMR. So my fourth midfielder is now McKennie and Warburton (my 16 year old superstar) as back up. TAA is an excellent RB/ WB so him and Clyne don't need swapping. Robertson and Moreno were doing superb too but then Tierney came on the market so i swapped him for Moreno. I sold Mignolet and got Butland mainly to get more English players in. He won Golden Glove in my second season and is starting player for England too.
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