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  1. Same savegame. Three successive seasons. Three different clubs in three different leagues in three different countries with three different tactical approaches. Story is always the same, overachieve in the first half of the season, get to 1st January and form just falls off a cliff, then it eventually comes back in March. My career win rate is 48%. My win rate in January and February over the six seasons I have played is 22%. Over the last three seasons, it's 7%.
  2. Three consecutive league games, four free kicks, four goals. All of which in my opinion should have been fairly easy saves for the keeper (slow, central part of the goal, medium level from ground). It might be because I'm in the Belgian third division and the keepers are relatively poor, but I still think none of these free kicks should have resulted in goals. Uploaded as GazzP Freekick 1.pkm, GazzP Freekick 2.pkm and GazzP Freekick 3.pkm. It's the four goals scored by Mikael Soisalo for Chatelet across the three games.
  3. Uploaded save game as GazzP misreported draw.fm
  4. As someone who coaches at a Level 12 club, yes they do. They'll just go an play for the team five or ten miles down the road or they'll just not play for a while whilst they have a sulk about being left out of the starting eleven for three games on the bounce. The only way Dan could make this more realistic is if there was a way to add in a random 'Sorry boss, I can't play on Saturday as work are making me cover someone's shift' unavailability.
  5. Don't know if you use / were aware of it Dan, but the new FA Full Time website is pretty comprehensive when it comes to leagues and teams. https://fulltime.thefa.com/ff/LeagueDetails?leagueid=3244788&seasonid=603384594 On a more personal note since I coach at one of the teams involved, if you get the chance to add the West Midlands (Regional) League Divisions One (Lvl 11) and Two (Lvl 12), that would be brilliant.
  6. Harvey Neville at Man Utd has his uncle, Gary Neville as a relation, but doesn't have one with his dad, Phil. Also, should Phil be available to recruit at the start of the game, given that he has a full-time contract with England Women?
  7. Anyone discovered any good routines or tips for defending corners so far? Keep conceding the same type of goal regardless of setups, it will either be a cross into the near post and the player nips in infront of the defender to score at the near post or it will go deep and outswinging, get headed back across and a tap in at the opposite post as my guy on the post does nothing.
  8. https://www.austria.org/citizenship/ Austrians cannot gain second nationalities.
  9. You should be able to go on holiday for a day and it will sim past it.
  10. Adalberto Penaranda 1. Shouldn't he be unavailable for Watford as he doesn't have a work permit? 2. Should he be really rated as the second coming of Pele given that he had a fairly unspectacular loan period at Malaga last season?
  11. I find the demands and lack of paitence when it comes to demanding first team football to be too severe. It seems to affect the AI too and you end up with lots of players transfer listed by request barely months into the season. I'm playing as Newcastle, so I've already got a problem where I have four centre backs of equal ability and can't fit them all into the team at once. Problem is, I am 10 (league and cup) games into the season, Lascelles has started 7, Fernandez 6+1 sub, Schar 5+1 and Clark 4+2 Fernandez, Schar and Clark have all come to me already complaining about not playing enough games. Me promising them game time has then had a knock on effect of upsetting basically the whole squad, which has made performances terrible and my job security is precarious already and senior players have lost all confidence. I've basically being forced to play a back three in an attempt to keep them all happy even though that is not what I want to do. How am I meant to have any squad depth / team stability long term if every player who isn't playing week in, week out is going to get unhappy inside a month of two? I understand players wanting to play, but players with rotation squad status who have started 40% of games should not be kicking up a massive fuss in early October. Bare in mind, in reality, Newcastle have played 13 games this season and Schar has 2 starts and Clark has five starts and both seem perfectly happy. Uploaded save game as GazzP - poor dressing room atmos.fm
  12. Has anyone had a takeover that isn't led by someone who when you google their name isn't a dodgy Ukrainian or Russian oligarch?
  13. Ryan Sessegnon for £10m from Fulham. They'd laugh in your face if you offered them that in real life.
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