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  1. As someone who coaches at a Level 12 club, yes they do. They'll just go an play for the team five or ten miles down the road or they'll just not play for a while whilst they have a sulk about being left out of the starting eleven for three games on the bounce. The only way Dan could make this more realistic is if there was a way to add in a random 'Sorry boss, I can't play on Saturday as work are making me cover someone's shift' unavailability.
  2. Don't know if you use / were aware of it Dan, but the new FA Full Time website is pretty comprehensive when it comes to leagues and teams. https://fulltime.thefa.com/ff/LeagueDetails?leagueid=3244788&seasonid=603384594 On a more personal note since I coach at one of the teams involved, if you get the chance to add the West Midlands (Regional) League Divisions One (Lvl 11) and Two (Lvl 12), that would be brilliant.
  3. Anyone discovered any good routines or tips for defending corners so far? Keep conceding the same type of goal regardless of setups, it will either be a cross into the near post and the player nips in infront of the defender to score at the near post or it will go deep and outswinging, get headed back across and a tap in at the opposite post as my guy on the post does nothing.
  4. https://www.austria.org/citizenship/ Austrians cannot gain second nationalities.
  5. Has anyone had a takeover that isn't led by someone who when you google their name isn't a dodgy Ukrainian or Russian oligarch?
  6. Ryan Sessegnon for £10m from Fulham. They'd laugh in your face if you offered them that in real life.
  7. Do you have a version of this without the legendary managers? I'd like a database where the AI managers are better as currently, they're not a challenge long term.
  8. Surely it would be something that would be better coming from SI as something to improve the game and to be hardcoded into the game engine? It's also not really an aspect of the data as there should be some element of randomness. For example, I know a guy who was born in England to Norwegian parents, met his Japanese wife whilst backpacking and they had a daughter who was born in Australia, so she qualifies for four unrelated countries.
  9. Quite simply, we're living in a more multicultural, more globalised world, so there should be more and more newgens that come through with secondary or multiple nationalities. This should be especially prevalent in former 'colonial' countries such as England / UK, where we have large populations that would have ancestors from Commonwealth countries (India, Jamaica etc.) I've had four batches of newgens so far in my Newcastle save and I've only had one newgen with a second nationality and that was English/Greek, there's not even so much as an Anglo-Scot.
  10. 10 goals, 3 red cards, penalties scored, penalties missed, injuries, streakers, aliens, the lot.
  11. Won the title in my fourth season, would have probably won it in the third but Arsenal had a ridiculous season and finished with 101pts. Current team is (4-2-3-1 MCR Assymetric) GK/D - Ethan Horvath (£11.5m from Club Brugge) / Jason Steele (Free transfer for HG reasons) FB/A - Fabian Mosquera (£675k from Santa Fe - Colombian 19yo regen who is better than Bellerin - absolute steal) / Mario Gaspar (£15m from Juventus) / Yedlin CD/D- Kurt Zouma (£20m from Chelsea) / Reece Oxford (£32m from Swansea) CD/D - Phil Jones (£22m from Man Utd) / Lucas (£3.5m from Atletico) / Mbema (sold to PSG for £30m, bought back six months and no apps later for £17.5m) FB/A - Guilherme Arana (£17m from Corinthians) / Federico Ricca (£4.8m from Brighton) VOL/A (DMCL)- Dragos Nedelcu (£2.5m from FCSB) - Absolute monster in the role - club captain / Merino DLP/S (MCR) - Marco Benassi (£23m from Fiorentina) / Stefano Sturaro (£6.5m from Juventus) / Hayden IF/S - Justin Kluivert (£8m from Ajax) / Ritchie SS/A - Ayoze Perez - shouldn't work in this role but just does, assists galore. IF/S - Diogo Jota (£20m from Atletico) / Ryan Sessegnon (£10m from Fulham) / Atsu CF/A - Moise Kean (£18m from Juventus) / Alassane Plea (£13m from Nice) / Mitrovic
  12. Dragos Nedelcu. He's 21, really cheap, can play in multiple positions and is already PL quality. Using him as a Volante in the second season with Newcastle and he's scored four and assisted three in nine games.
  13. Ayoze Perez as a Shadow Striker in behind a DLF-A has been on absolute fire for me. Mikel Merino as a Segundo Volante-A has been brilliant as well. Signed Plea in January for £13.5m and he's scored 5 in 9, so he's looking very promising too.
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