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  1. I have mentioned before that Maps should be implemented. Would add so much more detail to the build up to games, Cup Draws, and would certainly help when managing abroad in a league you arent too familiar with and not sure of the local teams etc. Then you can have a map for your affiliated clubs to show where in the world your links are, one for scouting knowledge and so on. They just need to be pinned on with 'Pins/Flags' and you click for more details, so it doesnt have to be a detailed map, similar to the map on Facebook for your 'check-ins and places visited'.
  2. Looks good, Id prefer the News bar to be a smaller ticker bar type thing instead of taking up half the screen by the looks of it, they have it on the match preview screen, would look cool at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Nowhere near enough! On my current save in 2026 theres been whispers of a few teams being taken over by tycoons but it never materialised. Ive only one been taken over on all my FM saves as well
  4. Fm 13

    Forest as always. Then either Rangers or a league I havent managed in yet and another Journeyman save after that.
  5. Used it quite a bit, never had any problems. Currently doing a Journeyman save and add/remove leagues every other season nearly.
  6. Feeder club question

    Ive always though its about 6 months, not sure of the reasoning though.
  7. Probably been said but would love to see Dynamic Rivalries build, instead of the same ones.
  8. More stats. In the 'Past Meetings' section id like to see your manager v the club your about to face in a head to head table. Same with manager v manager. The media often highlight how teams dont do well v certain manager or vice versa and would be great to see this in the game. Would like to see training camps as well, to boost team morale ahead of/during a season.
  9. Id love to see Maps implemented into FM. In the buildup screen before the match it would be really cool to see the location of the two teams, especially in Europe. It gives you the distance when playing in Europe but would love there to be a map with each team 'Pinned' where they are in the world. I like to know where I'm playing and when managing abroad I haven't really got a clue when playing obscure teams in Eastern Europe. They can then use the same maps for scouting to show where your scouts are, and have colour coded countries on the map in how much knowledge you have on that country. Would be 100x better then the current knowledge page where its just adjustable bars.
  10. Started a new save and took over at FC Volendam and when you click on a team and its goes to the Overview the past positions History Graph thing was working fine. I left Volendam and it isn't working for any team I click on, was wondering if it was because I was unemployed, I took over at Zulte Waregrem and still the same thing. Its been fine on all my other saves I've done. Anyway to get it back up?
  11. Awesome Regen Names

    Lourenco Bento ó ó ó - Angolan Striker
  12. PH71's Journey - featuring The Alphabet Challenge

    Love this thread, epic! KUTGW
  13. Yeah its worked for me to, but seems to be a temp fix as when I restarted steam to test it, it wouldn't work. So did the same process again and it works, just not going to Quit Steam until theres an update lol. I never shut the Mac down anyway, just let it fall to sleep, much better.
  14. An European Journeyman Adventure

    Great thread and great work, gutted about Rimini looked as if things were picking up, this has inspired me
  15. I give up for now, why there isnt no simple method like on Windows I have no idea, ridiculous. Ill just play in the windowed mode for now, even though ive gone from the max number of panels to like 6, guess when i properly want to play then ill just maximise and then window mode it every time i wanna go on itunes or internet lulz.