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  1. But aren't them important for the club expectations?
  2. I understand and I have seen the place you mean. In the "multiple competitions" I have 3 groups of 16... meaning that I would place rsnking levels for 16 teams. As only one team is relegated, I should not place the last level as the team who descends as that would mean that the last of each group is relegated (3 teams). The ranking level of relegated is placed automatically when relegated. Is that correct?
  3. Im my file I have a main competition and as a separate competition the multiple competitions. I do it only in the main? Is it the same with opening and closing stages? because for both I shall have a winner. In case of promotion, should I place 0 to a stage winner who is promoted and 1 to a stage winner that is not promoted?
  4. Thanks! If I would like to use ranking levels, the correct way of doing it is by placing it only in the opening and closing stages? I would really like to learn as I could not find much information about it.
  5. Here is the xml file. Thanks for your help A2.xml
  6. Hi guys, I believe I have understood a bit of the ranking levels, but the current league structure I made leaves me with no clue as of what to do.., I hope you can help me out. The file I have uploaded was done in the FM17 editor, but I guess that the ranking levels haven't really changed much since then. A bit about the league structure, its the 3 Tier Mexican Division - Liga Premier, there are 3 groups with 16 teams each. There is an opening stage where each team plays once against each other. Top 3 non-B teams get a place on the playoffs of each group During the Playoffs of each group the winner classifies to the Promotion Phase. Meaning that the winner of each group goes to that stage, the winners are not considered champions of the Opening Stage Next stage happens in the parent competition, the 3 group winners are in a 2 round league, the winner is considered the Champion of the Opening Stage and classifies to the Promotion Playoff The Closing Stage is exactly the same, the champion will face the Opening Stage Champion to determine which team gets the promotion Now about relegation In the child competition (multiple competitions), there is a 4th stage at the end of the Closing Stage 1st Round (at the same time as the playoffs). The worst 2 teams classify for the relegation playoff (some B teams are blocked for relegation and are not taken in these teams) In the playoff, the last team of group 1 plays againts the second to last of group 2 and so on. The winners of these playoffs avoid relegation and the 3 losers classify to the relegation group stage In this stage all 3 teams play against each other twice and the worst team is relegated All this stages and the use of 3 groups where only one team is promoted and 1 relegated has made me wonder how to use the ranking levels. I hope you are able to help me. Thanks guys! A2_62E2336C-2DAA-4EAB-8423-D46676DFE1F5.fmf
  7. Hi davie77, I found a "work around" to my issue. I managed to do a global table per division group.. there I seeded the worst teams for a relegation playoff. I would have prefered to have a global table with all 48 teams and relegate directly but I can live with this difference. Thanks for your help
  8. A little bit of more information to make it clearer if it is not already: There are 3 competitions running under multiple competitions, there are 16 teams on each and play 1 round against each other for the Opening Stage and the other round for the Closing Stage. By the end of the Closing Stage (it can also run the whole season), I would like to have a global table with the results of all 48 teams. At the end it would be a table of 48 teams with 30 games each.
  9. Hi, I am trying to create a Stage where I can have a table with all the results of the openning stage and closing stage together. I have tried many ways with no success. The file I added is where I would like to have it in order to determine the relegation spots with the worst team of the season instead of a playoff as currently stated on the file. I hope you have the time to help me better understand what I am missing. Thanks in advance, FCCK Mexico - 5 Niveles v2_607D2E28-73D9-46BD-A357-9B4FB447B2E1.fmf
  10. It seems it is only for fm18 editor.. do you know if it is also part of the fm17 editor? I cannot find it
  11. Thanks davie77, I believe thats the fm18 editor.. do you know if it also works for the fm17 editor?
  12. Hi, I'm trying to replicate the Mexican lower league and I was wondering if it is possible to promote teams to two different levels. During the 5th level division, there is a final playoff where the winer goes to the 3th division and the loser to the 4th. Is this possible to replicate? Thanks in advance for your advice
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