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  1. Well, the team were prepping the tactic, but before the big games I went for def positioning. There's usually a goal in this tactic, best to just try and avoid conceding. Bottom line: depends on the opposition.
  2. Finished the season having won Quadruple of Premier League, FA Cup, Champs League and Community Shield (yes, it's worthy). I had been knocked out of the League Cup (Mickey Mouse Cup) early on, but no one cares about that anyway! Some phenomenal results at the end of the season with this tactic. Arsenal 3-0 in Semi of FA Cup, I beat them again 3-0 in Champs League final, albeit after extra time, and they had a penalty saved in normal time! We were all over that game though, would have been dirt to lose to that penalty. I look after the morale of my team very well and we were riding high at the end of the season, but this is the best tactic I used all season. Thanks again Steaton.
  3. Hi Steaton, I think you've definitely nailed it! I was using your 'Invincibles' tactic for a long time, but it just wasn't doing my relatively powerful Man Utd team credit as I was at times struggling to win where I really should be I'm now on a rampage to the end of the season with this. Just beat Arsenal 6-0 in the FA Cup Semi and Arsenal have had a very good season. About to play Dortmund in Semi of Champs league and my team (an me) are full of confidence with this tactic in the locker. Thank you! I'll post an update on the end of the season.
  4. Im having problems downloading the file using the first link. It just goes to a web page full of seemingly random text that makes no sense to me. Can anyone make another link? Thanks!
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