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  1. I just moved the tempo up one notch from quicker to extremely quick. I found it slightly helped to break more stubborn teams down. But given you're an underdog perhaps that invites too much pressure onto your side. Nothing else changed It works well if you have the players to suit it. Make sure you train your right BBM to get forward more often as the instructions differ from the left BBM Thanks for that. Hopefully this will help turn the tide. I'll make sure that I use the correct BBM on the right 👍
  2. Could you tell me what changes you made to your original tactic? Am struggling in the Premier League with Aldershot at the moment and think that the opening tactic would suit my team better but the download has disappeared. Looks a great tactic 👏
  3. Hi majesticeternity. First of all well done for producing a melancholy of historical managers, I will definitely be starting a save with these soon. I was wondering though if you had a file save before these managers were allocated to clubs. I'm starting a LLM save and wanted to pack the lower leagues with these managers for better narrative. If you did could you post it as this would really help.
  4. I'm starting a new save with my friend and we want to make both our teams play in the same European competition. I've tried to change last seasons finishing position but this doesn't help. Can anyone help please?
  5. I have recently tried to start an international save with San Marino but I cannot select them. Is this a bug or can you not manage them anymore?
  6. I have recently tried to start an international save with San Marino but I cannot select them. Is this a bug or can you not manage them anymore?
  7. Yes, I would also like to know if anyone is doing Serie D for FM19. I'm planning to do a San Marino save and I'm desperate to get started.
  8. Yeah antone know if there is an Italian lower league patch for FM18 out? I can't find one.
  9. I'm going to do a San Marino Club and Country save this year and I'm just itching to get started. I failed at this in FM15, got to 2nd 4 seasons in a row but Juventus were just too strong. Will this be the year for me though?
  10. I'll start out with Dundee Utd just to get the hang of 18 first, then it's club and country save with San Marino. (Having failed in FM16 ) Although I am tempted to use Salford City.
  11. This happened to me as well. Have I ruined my save or can it be fixed?
  12. First of all I really love this tactic. Playing San Marino in Serie D using it, it started off great then faded but a few tweeks to the attacking version and BOOM its up and running again. Changed attacking to overload. RPM's to AP's (A), DLP to BWM (D) and 3 forwards to CF (A).
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