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  1. If you go to manager options, there is a tab for "social network settings" you can log in to either a twitter or youtube account. Then after a game, there will be an extra tab called "upload highlights" easy as pie Just a shame i can't figure out how to get it to upload at a higher definition =/
  2. Strangest Managerial appointment

    Wenger to Seville on mine also, Javier Aguirre took over at The Emirates.
  3. You now have 3 Subs Mine seems to be uploading again back at the base 360p, but i'd love to be able to upload consistently in higher definition.
  4. That's an idea, il give that a try in future as well, thanks man. What's your channel out of interest? If anyone else has any idea as to why this is the case that'd be appriated? x
  5. Hey Guys, Iv started a youtube channel to track my entire FM11 career via the match highlights system, however over the course of just over 50 games, iv had about 6 fail to upload, and now it seems to be failing on more than not. Is there a reasoning behind this? Anything i can do to stop it failing? I was uploading on the standard 360p for the first season, and didn't really have any problems what so ever, from pre-season in my second season, i changed to 1080p/720p and it's since then that the problems appear to have arisen, however even if i lower the definition back to 360p im still getting the failing problems? Any advice is warmly appreciated, i'd hate to have to stop the youtube channel as im really enjoying it =/ Thanks in advance, Woody x Youtube channel in question is www.youtube.com/woodysfm11journey