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  1. So I started the game unemployed and took over a struggling Leeds team in November. January transfer window comes around and Modibo Maiga is available - I 'interact with board' and my chairman says yes to the transfer etc etc. Brilliant I think - anyway, we agree a fee and terms and then it comes to the work permit, turned down on the first attempt, so I appealed. Anyway, it was turned down again on appeal meaning I can't re-apply for another 120 days, yet instead of cancelling the transfer because he can't play, the chairman cracks on with it and signs him anyway leaving me with no budget for transfers and a player I can't even play. Surely this is flawed? Anyone else had any similar stories?
  2. Where does AVB go in your game?

    He's the England manager on one of my saves. Almost immediately after Capello left he was sacked from Chelsea and has been England boss for a number of years.
  3. Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    a PM would be appreciated..
  4. Has anyone else seen a goal keeper who can is also 'accomplished' as an outfield player. I've just started managing in 2023 and my keeper can play both in goal and right wing. Surely this can't be right. Don't know how to post a screenshot otherwise I would!
  5. You Sir are a hero. Much appreciated, I'd never have thought of or tried anything like that.
  6. Hey guys, wondering if anyone can help. I recently uninstalled FM11 via steam, then reinstalled via steam earlier today. Steam says the download was completed, but when I double click to play the message box comes up "steam is preparing to launch...." then nothing happens. Any help much appreciated
  7. Uninstalling the game

    I'd been looking for my save games in the programme files not my documents. I wasn't sure whether Steam had it's own kind of filing system incorporated of not. Thanks for the help.
  8. I have FM installed via steam and I was wondering if I was to uninstall FM11 for one reason or another, would I lose my save games too? Any help appreciated
  9. Hamsik or Pastore?

    Ideally I play them in an advanced playmaker role behind the front man. Keeping Pastore, bye bye Marek.
  10. Hamsik or Pastore?

    I've gotten myself into a bit of financial difficulty, and instead of being able to afford to rotate them it's looking likely that one will go. Both worth the same and on similar wages. My question is which on would you suggest selling?? (Kinda edging towards keeping Pastore and selling Hamsik)
  11. When a player has a green cross icon, you can also click onto his profile and where it says 'condition' it tells you if he has an injury or not. e.g. 'has a potential foot injury'. If they do the green cross it doesn't always 100% of the time say they've got an injury though, in which case you could leave them on if their condition is high enough and I'm guessing it won't affect performance. That's just my personal experience though. Hope it helps.
  12. Sergio Aguero Salary?

    Or try offering his agent a higher fee, sometimes works for me
  13. Apologies if this has been posted before but my board recently announced they would be expanding the stadium etc. They said it'd take 6 months but it hasn't come up in the 'board request status' like any youth facilities etc do. Anyone able to help me as to what's actually going on? Is it still being planned or is it not being built?
  14. Unhappy fans

    I recently sold Neymar to Barcelona. They inquired how much I would sell him for, I told them £100million thinking they'd run away. They came back with an offer of £78million, the board accepted as they felt it was too good to turn down. So Neymar departs leaving my fans rather unhappy. Surely this isn't my fault as technically the board dealt with the transfer. Could you not have an interaction or press conference option saying you didn't sanction the transfer. Has this happened to anyone else?
  15. I experienced the exact same sitation with my Sunderland team. 4 games in hand (a lot i know) and the majority of my squad lost faith in my management. I did get back up the league and managed to get players back on side.