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  1. @knap Thanks Knap. I have found the tab. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hGvdjZyrowqiMrDh9_GjVxEOpQ1AsuUk-LvwdrAIJX4/edit#gid=1890854234
  2. Hi @knap Hope you are well? Just a quick question and apologies for asking it if it has been answered before. Please could you tell me what it difference between the name tactics? Such as BEOWULF TIME ARGUS VENOM & FAITH ECHOES KASHMIR WARRIOR Plus when choosing the 3 tactics for your squad, would you choose a mix of the same named tactics? I.e. 3 x BEOWULF or 3 x ARGUS, etc. Thank you in advacne, Scaleh
  3. Thank you for the tactic @Fenech Likewise @grozemaatjuh :-)
  4. Hi @knap and @Rober82 Thank you so much for your help. Just to confirm that I am doing everything correctly. Tactical briefings should be delegated to the Assistant Manager as per below screenshot? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi @knapand @Rober82 Thank you for you advice and some truly awesome tactics. The one thing which I seem to struggle with FM2020 in general is what OI to do for each tactic and what to to do for the tactical briefings (if anything). At the moment I take control of the tactical briefings but choose the skip briefings option. Any advice regarding Opposition Instructions for all of Knap's tactics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. This just happened with Big Match Home Over the moon with that. Hopefully we draw Newcastle in the next round to do another 'Ronnie Radford' - showing my age now lol
  7. Thanks again for your help @BJT Very Much appreciated. I will try the above tactic in my next season and let you know how I get on. Hopefully I should be in League 2 with AFC Telford. :-)
  8. Hi @BJT Thank you again for your help. It is very much appreciated. I am currently trying gegenpressing system with some moderate success :-) Currently 3rd in Vanarama National League and lost to Man Utd in the 3rd Round of the FA Cup! Please would it be possible to link me to your SAF 442 Tactic and also can this tactic be used as an UnderDog tactic when I (hopefully) get promoted lol. Thanks again :-)
  9. Thanks for your help @BJT Out of the 4 tactics posted above and noted below. What one would you consider would be the best one to use for Lower League side? And which one is the best overall? bjt-4141-jm-che-20tar.fmf bjt-4141-jm-che-20.fmf bjt-433-20kpj.fmf bjt-433-tta-20.fmf Thanks again for your help :-)
  10. Hi all, Thank you for the tactic @BJT Sorry for the stupid question but when you state 'Show opposing full back / wing backs to touchline' do you mean that the DR and WBR are shown on to their Right Foot and vice versa for DL / WBL. Additionally, when you state wingers do you mean both sets of ML / AML and MR / AMR. Thanks in advance and apologies for the inconvenience :-)
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