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  1. That is a very fair point, i played this challange every year without posting here on the forums because i just holiday the first 2-3-4 seasons because of lack of players available from the start. The first 1-2 years the intakes are very strong usually then it rapidly declines and the intakes in the years 3-4-5-6 are usually utterly useless. Seeing some people post here every year 5* intakes in England makes me always wonder, I even picked the same teams and the results are completly different, I must be doing something wrong. That being said, this challange is usually very easy in Ger
  2. is there any easy way to buy the game from germany?
  3. i dont think more league make it more realistic, its quite the opposite, the more options you have the better your own transfers will be, the transfers of the AI are constantly below average no matter how many players
  4. either your squad mustve been so absurdly strong that he only rated him 3 stars or your scouts are that bad, its almost impossible for a 180 PA guy to get 3 rated by half decent scouts iam playing with a 15 000 player database, and only 48 players even have 180 or more PA...
  5. although scouting got a little harder, if you look for new prospects you still just check out stars, the way i do it i pretty much just send the scout outs to get like 2000 scout reports, and if the players dont have at least 4,5 or 5 dark stars filled out i dont even bother investigating further they could make finding prospects a little harder in the future versions, not sure how but game is still 2 easy in the long run
  6. like i said, i hijacked a reputation "world class" guy, i think it was the one from chelsea at the time, and it didnt change a thing, i even kept him 2 years (because i thought maybe he needs time to have an impact on the youthtake), but the average intake was still as low PA as the obscure reputation unknown guy
  7. i made alot of testing in fm14 because i was playing the "youth challange", where you basicly take a english club in the 5th league and only play on youth regens as far as you can go.. i was interested how the youth development guy selects players etc i came to the conclusion that the attributes of the guy have litearlly 0 impact on the intake, the only thing that somehow influence the intake is your club reputation and youth recruitment level, i tested it couple years over, even cheated by hijacking a world class youth development guy into my 5th league team, the intakes were the same as the
  8. i dont know if that is true, i backtracked, one club that has now "extensive youth recruitment" started the game with "well established youth recruitment", and poland was ranked 21 in the coefficents thing, and we are still dumping around 20th place, so they upgraded it while the country didnt have any reputation boost at all, the AI controlled clubs performed horribly consitantly troughout the years..
  9. you should at least consider adding custom databases to FMC i bet a healthy part of the community wants to manage their favorit local lower league club, but dont want to watch every single game with the 2-5 attribute players on the pitch..
  10. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2015-tactics/269983-impossible-nothing-burnley-runners-up-league-cup-winners-1st-season.html http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-15-tactics/193937-442-treble-crystal-palace-1st-season-no-transfers.html and many more, iam 2 lazy to look but if you search the tactics forum you can find more
  11. there are a couple of tactics tailored to teams like crystal palace and burnley that win the premiership in the very first season, its possible
  12. in the previous versions of this game i had alot of trouble with the increase of reputation within a country, i think it was in 2013 when i was the league title 15 out of 17 years and was still not the biggest reputation club within my country.. now i won titles 2 times inna row (cup and champions) and iam the biggest club at the moment in the country, iam glad you guys fixed that, its much more dynamic now but the youth recruitment thing is still bad, so my current youth recruitment is "above average" (same as the beginning of the game).. iam already in the year 2030.. my last 6 seasons i
  13. so i noticed whenever i go on holiday but check the "keep current match tactics", the formation remains the same, but the player roles seem to change every game? why is this?
  14. i think what would help is somehow raise the AI's attention towards targets the human player is aiming at what i mean if you run a lower league club you usually have 0 money to spend, so what i do at least and i imagine everyone else because i dont know any better way is to filter all players which contract is running out in 1 year, and working up from that you can usually build a team within 2-3 years thats beating the current league or at least doing above average and you didnt even spend 1€ on the team also teams that are getting promoted from "non leagues" to a league usually in my exper
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