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  1. Thanks found one at sortitoutsi.net
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to find out if anyone knows if SI will be releasing a summer transfer window update? or they'll just leave that for FM 2018 release? My save got corrupted towards the end of my 4th season, 3 months ago and I lost interest in playing fm coz I had lost all the progress I had made. However I figured I would wait till the end of the current transfer window and start again with updated squads.
  3. Get Griezmann he's truly world class or Neymar. I have a front 4 of Dybala, Griezmann number 10, Alexis right and Neymar on the left. You can imagine the amount of goals they score lol!
  4. Hey I'm new on here. Currently managing Arsenal and in my third season. Barcelona and Madrid have made Dembele and Dybala they're primary transfer targets respectively. Their players mouth off to the press after every performance from Dembele and Dybala. This began after the summer transfer window had closed. My Arsenal has a higher reputation than both Barcelona and Madrid coz we've won back to back Epl, Champions League, Fa Cup, Efl Cup, Club World Cup, Super Cup and Community Shields so when this all began Dembele and Dybala weren't interested in moves but several players from both clubs have come out to mouth off to the press every week and now it appears they're interest has grown over time. No way I can take any of this till the summer transfer window or the winter transfer window approaching. So at this rate, I'll have a mutiny on my hands once bids are made. So my question is - How do i stop all this nonsense? Dybala has been my top goal scorer, scoring 51 goals and then 52 goals in his second season winning the golden boot in the Epl with 46 goals in both seasons and has won the Balon d'or so there's no way I want to lose him. Both players are attempting to use this situation to leverage new contracts from the club but are already on massive wages having signed new deals recently. Dybala wants 300k a week and Dembele wants 275k a week. Is this the only way to keep them? Caving into their contract demands? or I can play hardball and hope for the best?
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