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  1. The new tactic system, in my honest opinion, is terrible. Everything is way to vague it hurts. For example I set the team instructions to 'Retain Possession' and 'Shorter Passing' as well as all player instructions and I see my players lumping it up the pitch aimlessly. Good god this game is far worse tactically as previous games, my players can't even defend and the match engine annoys me with players not following instructions properly. Please can we have sliders back in FM15? Please.
  2. Hi guys! I changed about Scotland such as the cups and leagues etc, with all of the rules valid and db verified, so I could play with my friends online with the new db. This works fine in Single Player but I get so many crash dumps when I try to host an online game, the crash dumps are random. I was wondering why it would work on single player with no problems and not work online. Does everyone joining the game need the database? Gave it to a friend to try on his computer and as soon as he put it online BAM another crash dump. Help would appreciated, thank you.
  3. Why don't players ever tackle in this game? You set tackling to hard etc and all they do is stand there looking like lemons no matter who I play. It's happening almost every match and good god it gets my blood boiling! Is this a problem for everyone or is just my defenders (Managing Chelsea)
  4. I'd just love to be able to have a proper connection with fans, players, staff and the club as a whole if that makes sense. I find that when I have built up a club for years and made it successful and I leave for whatever reason or get fired then that's that. It just feels a waste of time and no 'emotion' behind anything. Just another 'meh' moment. I want to be able to speak to the fans, build a better relationship with players and staff and just to ask who I should sign etc. Maybe as you go further into the game the game will take screen-shots of 'special' moments like winning trophies and when you leave, get fired or retire you get a sort of storyboard to look back at your game Would love something like this implemented into the game. Just be amazing.
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