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  1. I move my most promising youth players into my first team and then mentor them that way. At the same time I make those players available for the youth games 🙂
  2. Rayo Vallecano is a good option. While they're from Madrid they have passionate supporters who very much take pride in their working class roots. Also, for me, the nicest kits in the game. They're probably my most used team since Championship Manager days to be honest. Deportivo are another good option too. Outside of Spain, I've had two very good saves with Nurnberg and Kiel. The former used to be an absolute powerhouse and have enormous potential. Kiel are from a underrepresented state in German football so I liked the idea of being The Team from the area that would soak up all the available talent. They start with a few really promising players and promotion is definitely achievable first season.
  3. The biggest issue with three at the back for me (provided there are no wingers) is that your wing backs often run down cul-de-sacs as they have limited passing options. I wonder if your tactic would suffer in the same manner given you have no attacking midfielder and one of your strikers isn't going to show for the ball much. I'd say a defensive midfielder on defend with three central defenders is overkill and you'd be better off using Luis Alberto further up the pitch.
  4. Empoli are a fun club to start with. Lots of interesting talents and a strong squad but small stadium with potential to grow.
  5. I never manage clubs in top leagues but I've always been interested in a Bilbao save due to their policies. Definitely interested in this thread!
  6. I'd go Racing personally as I think there are a lot more options in terms of staff and players if you plan to play the game realistically and lean towards signing French/Spanish respectively. Also, I won't spoil it, but Racing have a particularly impressive youth player who is probably the best player in the division stats wise even at seventeen.
  7. I play lower league but never in England. Well at least not after FM07. The talent in division three of Spain/France/Germany/Italy are usually decent enough not to have to use no nonsense fullbacks and I can't really think of a tactical approach where it would make sense to have them. Maybe I'll try shoehorn one in to say I've at least tried though haha.
  8. The problem is with St Pauli is success will likely conflict with their ideology.
  9. To be honest, I've found if your tactics are good it's fairly easy to get limited strikers to bang in the goals. I've got Janni Serra at Kiel, who isn't without ability but has 12 for finishing and 10 for technique and acceleration. He was the Bundesliga 2 top goalscorer first season, then second top in the Bundesliga (behind an absolutely ridiculous Haaland) second season and top third season (Haaland has left thankfully). I've found this is pretty common in most of my games really. What annoys me is when I can't find a buyer for my top scorer when I want to upgrade. AI sides don't base their purchases on performances.
  10. Seconding the no nonsense fullback. Wide target men are very rare too although I've been trialled it out a couple of times to mixed success. Enganche's seem relatively rare too although I'm currently using Pascal Gross in my Kiel team as one as he suits the role perfectly. He's not quite the focal point I'd like but he's not peripheral. Personally, it's been a very long time since I've used a trequartista and there is something about an inverted wingback that makes my eye twitch so I've stayed away from them too. Seem all the rage this version though.
  11. We've been rubbish but much of that comes down to the fact our top three centre backs have been injured meaning we've had to either play youngsters nowhere near good enough or throw midfielders there messing up our entire balance. There's not a side on earth that would cope with losing their 3 top centre backs for the season. Alisson has been fine, the players that have truly struggled have been Firmino and Mane. The latter I'm sympathetic towards given he had Covid and has played a disgusting amount of football in the last few years but with Firmino, well I think he's just lost a step and, football manager wise, definitely will see some stat adjustment to reflect that.
  12. That's an outstanding success rate. Looking at the squad I'll probably give minutes to Abdelli and Fofana first season (actually tempted to just start Fofana as I'm going to play with an attacking sweeper keeper) as well as that absolutely giant centre back Toure- who appears to have random stats but my version has 15 in tackling, marking and heading. The one thing I don't like about managing in France is the fact there is a real lack of domestic talent staffing wise. In Germany and Spain there's always an abundance of quality options from the get go and plenty more that you can target in the future but it's slim pickings here.
  13. Yeah, I always restrict myself to what I think the club would buy in real life so for a French club I would be mostly sticking to France and Africa too. Who were your standouts from the starting players?
  14. Good suggestions- Parma and St Etienne are a probably bigger clubs than I like (although I have to say, Montpellier have a cracking squad with some fun players...absolutely love the kits too) but Paris FC and Bari are great options. I'm also seriously considering Le Havre as they are chock full of interesting youth players and fulfil some of the criteria I'm after
  15. I'm going to start a Sporting save I think. How did Gragera, Gaspar and Pelayo turn out? That right back Rosas looks sharp too.
  16. Terrific all round spread- how are you going to use him? Sporting have such an abundance of talent from the get go- tempted to start a save actually although their kits this season are diabolical which has put me off.
  17. Did seven seasons with Depor and really enjoyed it. Never won the La Liga but we were Champions League regulars and did win a couple of domestic cups. Probably my longest save I've ever had and I've been playing manager games since the mid nineties. Not sure where to go next- have a current save with Holstein Kiel which has been successful but fairly frustrating as I can't seem to get the side playing how I want to. Will likely end it here and head to France or Italy and try play some outrageously kamikaze attacking football. I like taking over sides that either have history and are now massively struggling (Depor being a great example) or a smaller team from a populous region (basically so the growth of the club feels organic). Ideally they have an interesting player or two I can build the club around. Open to suggestions.
  18. I'm actually switching to a 4-3-1-2 for my next season to try flood the midfield a bit more to retain possession. I'm not sure how much it will help given the main reason possession is lost is my fullbacks struggling for options but time will tell. I've bought in a couple of players that far better suit the mezzala role so perhaps that will help.
  19. @mcpayYou and I are going through the same issues in the same league it seems. I'm on my third season at Kiel and the results, on paper, have been very good considering the club's size and expectations. We came second first season and got promoted then finished 6th in our debut Bundesliga campaign. On first glance this looks like a terrific achievement but when you watch us play it feels like a unsustainable slog. Possession wise we're awful and rank around 16th in the league. While we're not a low scoring team it does feel like we rely far too much on pieces of individual brilliance (almost always by my striker Janni Serra) or set pieces (also Janni Serra getting on the end of things). The most frustrating part is our complete lack of any kind of consistency- we beat league winners Dortmund and then getting absolutely outplayed and dominated by Augsberg and Werder. I'm also not overly impressed by how we look at the back either- despite three central defenders I'm often seeing a single striker get a lot of space to operate and capitalise. I'm attempting to make subtle alterations to see if I can rectify some of the problems but I'm not seeing any evidence of positive change on the pitch yet. I'm considering packing it in and dropping 3 at the back for next season but it will require a far bit of wheeling and dealing as I have no wingers at the club and I have two top quality strikers that should both start and I'm reluctant to break up.
  20. Yeah, I'd absolutely like to persevere with the shape as wingerless tactics have always been something I've gravitated towards since I started playing management games. I just hate the inconsistentency I'm currently seeing- we'll beat a mid table side and look decent and then get completely outplayed by some of the worst sides in the league despite having significantly better players. It's no different in Europe either- I thrashed a very good Atalanta 3-0 and then needed a 90th min equaliser to beat an awful PAOK at home after being dominated by them.
  21. Robertson is absolutely deserving of his stats and Henderson too (agree re natural fitness though). I will agree about Trent. He's an absurdly talented lad but he's not without weakness and I don't think that's reflected well in the game.
  22. Great write up. I've been playing around with a 3-5-2 in my current save and while I've significantly exceeded expectations (promoted with Holstein Kiel first season/6th in the Bundesliga the next) I never really feel in control at all. I have one of the lowest possession percentages and find the wingbacks are constantly running down cul-de-sacs because of limited passing options. I have a pretty decent squad for the league now and had hoped that we'd hold onto the ball better and create more chances but I feel I'm going to have to change things up fairly significantly if I want to make that next step. I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do they currently.
  23. Yeah, what a load of tosh. Half the media are former United players. De Gea was the best shot stopper in the world for a good couple of seasons but once he lost form people picked up on the fact the rest of his game has always been lacking. His distribution has never been world class and he's not great at coming off his line. Is he still a good keeper? Absolutely, but he's not what he once was.
  24. I somehow managed to pick him up for 1.2 million pounds second season with Nurnberg (Dortmund agreed an early release as I got him at the end of his contract). Given his ability and reputation I have no idea how I've swung this but it seems awfully unrealistic.
  25. Yeah his height makes my eye twitch thinking about him at fullback but it is actually a position I need strengthening and top left backs can sometimes be scarce. He's already developing rapidly half a year later and I'll give him his debut when he's old enough to qualify (think you have to be sixteen or seventeen).
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