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  1. Friendly tours out now ?

    Pretty much what I'm saying..the editor has given me the chance to have some transfer kitty at the start. There's no fun in going all Man City though if I'm managing a club from a lower Div. Ahem..I like to keep it..somewhat realistic.;-E), but reckon we're entitled to a fair go. Who cares what's happening in the real world at the club ? By the way..rather than a simulation, FM has been turning into an RPG..So much was admitted a few years ago by Miles Jacobsen, I'm pretty sure. Hence all the talkie-talk opportunities added in. Apart from the one welcoming you to a club, most are a waste of time anyway. I'm sure we're not penalised if we skip them..;-! If I was a REAL manager, that's how I'd operate..no press chats, no "unveiling"of new recruits (oo..er..),and definitely NO talking out of turn by my players(or Tweating, bleating,,whatever). Dressing room solidarity is paramount ! The slackness in world football in this matter is appalling these days.
  2. Friendly tours out now ?

    Nah ! So, by that reasoning.. how guilt ridden SI must be for putting out a game over the years that was.."unrealistic"..oh shucks ! >Fortunately, they still have the corner exploit so you can still have your fun. Ooh..tell us more ! Also..the editor is handy for ..ahem..fixing things in the game.(.nudge, nudge..) I'm not bothered by the poverty stricken transfer budgets, or wages any more !! ;-D
  3. Friendly tours out now ?

    Yep..Exactly what I'm on about..Hopefully a comprehensive patch( oh sorry..a software enhancement ..in MS speak.) will level this crud out big time. Btw..the fees for friendlies are irrelevant as far as I'm concerned (like worrying about the "economy")..I usually just fish around for whoever is available that won't flog my team. Now that freedom is denied me. (Who, managing a team in the Conference, would invite Barcelona ? Offering up your throat for cutting there ! ) SI..wake up. you're shooting yourselves in the foot. Go back to FM2010 for a template. Remember..if something ain't broke..don't fix it !
  4. Just go back to FM2010 ! Everything was right about that version, except, of course, for the "unveiling" (oo..er..)of new players media wanks, which I skip anyway. The changes through the last two versions are turning the game into a turgid, bum and mind numbing slog !
  5. Friendly tours out now ?

    OH sorry..here was I thinking how, over the years, FM was a fun game to play ! How deluded of me..;-/ Bollocks ! Hey..get this..there is no "realistic" ! There is only reality, and one's perception of it, and this defines how we deal with it (ie. positively or negatively). Okay..SI want to put out a "simulation"..fine. But..in this direction the fun I've had, and the freedom, seems to be dissipating with each new edition. Other recent horrors of note.. 1.Unless there's some mistake I've made in setting up a game, I've never see such a poverty in available Free Transfers ! And what's happened to the listing of contracts which end on 30th June in the first year ? Oh..and this cropped up, apropos of the Tours.. http://users.tpg.com.au/phbird//LaticsTour2.jpg A tour of Northern Ireland..2 clubs accept my invitations for friendlies..but..some dodgy message about clashing fixtures comes up. What clashing fixtures ?..The clubs accepted, and my club didn't have any.. BTW..this tour was okay-ed, but a tour of the Republic was, as previously, deemed too far. Cue grinding of teeth that disturbed the neighbours ! I think this game is broken..how sad. Oh well Deus Ex continues to delight.;-D
  6. Friendly tours out now ?

    Thanks for your interest.. How come it's been okay up to now ?..that in preparing your club with pre-season friendlies you could go anywhere ? Perhaps it's allied to the financial state of a "League One" club..I don't know...but it even knocked me back on a tour of Ireland for heaven's sake. Getting a bit anal ? Saying that..on another matter..I do appreciate SI's wishing me a happy birthday..didn't see that coming..;-] I'm just worried about the future of this great game.. Cheers..
  7. Greetings Footy gamers.. Cop a load of this ! http://users.tpg.com.au/phbird//LaticsTour.jpg SORRYYY ??..:-O At this rate SI are running perilously close to eliminating the FUN (remember that ?) from this game. After all aren't all the Footy Manger style games just meant to be Fantasy Footy on a computer ? Jesus wept...
  8. FM12 Editor: FAQ's, Basic Guides and Troubleshooting

    Question ! Why was FM2012's editor not included on the disk with the rest of the game ? Not knowing it was separately available on Steam's site, and by happy accident only discovered this upon logging in today to SI, ..I assumed maybe it was dumped this year, for some reason. (..erm..thank you for that...) Plus..I imagine the "Resource Archiver" is part of the package to be downloaded from Steam too ? It always had its own folder with the editor in previous FM editions.
  9. >There are people claiming on here that the reason for doing this is just to kill the second hand market. Sorry Miles if you've gained that impression. Certainly I have objections to Valve for their attitude to the selling on of played games, but not SI's. >That's simply not true - it didn't even come into the conversation when discussing protection for this year. According to the licensing agreement for the game, whether you've read it or not, it's against the license to re-sell the game. As it is for the vast majority of PC games. News to me mate ! Besides, what's the difference for PC Games, as opposed to books, furniture, used cars ? Load of bollocks..you can't do that. Also..when the new edition of FM arrives, for me, it's all over for the old one ! If I can flog it for a small amount..fine. Why not ? It's redundant once the latest one is out. Why should I pile up stuff that's redundant ? Flies in the face of eons of commercial reality. Why should games be treated as a protected species ?? C'est la vie mate. >The vast majority of retailers who deal in second hand games do not trade in PC games. Not in Oz, sunshine..except there is, obviously, a ban on any Steam connected games, which are hamstrung by Valve's Antediluvian attitudes. Nevertheless..good luck to you SI geezers..
  10. Blimey David..why hasn't SI continued with that process ? I mean...it worked. Plus for those of us who are a wake-up to Valve we didn't have to keep FM2011 until we died ! On that point...if, like Valve, SI is buying the mantra that we don't actually OWN the game after parting with our hard earned, that we only have a license to use. (..smirk...) would SI be prepared to take our copies back for a small fee ? You know.. for recycling the manuals and plastics of the item. Better that than having it lying around collecting dust forever. Thanks in advance..
  11. >Are you really that misinformed. It is ILLEGAL to resell a game. Eh ? Since when ? The second hand market is alive and well in Australia, and I'd be surprised if this were not the case everywhere else as well. I'm bemused by your comment mate. If Valve try to prevent the reselling of games, they are sailing close to the wind. In most places you'll find this behaviour borders on "restrictive trade practices". This is illegal in Australia certainly, and maybe gamers in the US should call Valve's bluff. If I was anybody in SI I wouldn't go near Steam. It may not do any gaming house's reputation any good in the long run. Thankfully there are SO many games available outside of Steam..except Footy Manager games now..blah.
  12. from Sega's David.. >>This year we have found what we believe is an acceptable solution. Any version of Football Manager 2012 bought on disc will have to be activated through the Steam network, so therefore purchasers will have to have an internet connection for initial activation. This is a one-time only activation which requires you to sign up for a Steam account (which is free) and to install the Steam client and once it has been done the game can be played offline by turning on Steam's Offline mode. With those two simple steps done there are no more hoops to jump through or steps to take. Oh golly ! And there was I 2 years ago thinking how enlightened of SI Games to have Steam as an OPTION as well as the normal CD in the drive. There is a mighty problem with Steam Accounts. When you are finished with a game linked to the Valve/Steam nexus, the CD-Key is not released when you uninstall said game. This is because they still do not like the idea of us game owners (and that is what we are, despite Valve's "license only" bollocks) having the gall to want to sell our finished game on to another lucky punter. This flies in the face of all recognised commercial transactions..be it for books, cars,... you name it. I suspect it's because with 2nd hand games Valve (ie Gabe Newell) don't get a share of the extra transaction. The fact that Newell worked at Microsoft for some years prior to founding Valve says it all really ! Please SI..we are your loyal fans..give us a break. I feel sickened by this decision to have Steam only access. Note..it is not a good commercial decision if your purchasers are deprived in any way. Your "bottom line" is NOT an entitlement !!
  13. What am I doing wrong?

    Hmm..Okay..can't argue with that too much.. I was happy enough with the way things were, with incremental changes to tactics or graphic upgrades. However with FM2011 I suddenly feel.. marginalised, even. Perhaps if we'd been warned or something of the changes that matter, ie, how our ways of playing might be affected, it might have helped. Usually, when the season fixtures start, I often findthat a grind. I always prefer the preseason, with changing players/staff, and trying out my new team in friendlies. Somehow that's fresher. As it is I rarely play more than 2 seasons with a club. For that sense of renewal I start up with another club, usually in another country, to see how that goes. Never a top club either, usually a club down a couple of levels, although now, in this version, there's no transfer budget available. That can be fixed by judicious use of the editor however. Thanks aussieant !
  14. What am I doing wrong?

    A vote of thanks to Biggusd (really ?) for a very interesting assessment of things in this game. I've moved through these games, since CM04, without changing my ways of management much. In this one though I've hit the brick wall. Why that should be so bemuses and frustrates me. But the issues you raise have intrigued me and I'm grateful for it. Thanks sunshine !
  15. What am I doing wrong?

    I'm afraid that the troubles one has with management in this iteration of our beloved pastime have everything to do with issues which warrant criticism. There's no way you can void this. The problems are a result of changes which make it harder to play (oppressive even), and a frustrating experience, especially if, in comparison, we enjoyed FM2010, which was the best. Check these issues..all symptomatic of an over reactive AI, ..Referees, injuries, low, or sometimes no, response to in-match instructions, matchday team talks which vary in meaning,..etc. And don't get me started on press conferences. Let's face it such things bear the resemblance of a lottery, in how to choose the appropriate answers. (Did we really need this stuff in this sort of game ?..it's a drag..) See ? No matter how one approaches this game this is what we have to deal with, and needs fixing. By the way..what's the OP ?