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  1. Most FM AI clubs tend to play four pre-season friendlies. This is fine for big clubs, where players have high natural fitness, with excellent training facilities and (full-time) coaches, such that players are fully fit after only three or four games. However, at AI semi-professional clubs, where these factors are lacking, players need lots of games to get fully fit, resulting in boringly easy wins at the start of the season for human lower league managers (whose side has played eight or nine pre-season games) against undercooked opposition with typical player match sharpness of 70%. For future editions of FM, I would like to see the match sharpness feature tweaked and/ or lower league clubs playing more pre-season friendlies to compensate for the extra difficulty in building player match sharpness at this level.
  2. I purchased the DVD version of FM 2016 some time ago, but am now buying a new laptop, which will not have any form of internal optical or DVD drive. Since FM is about the only game I ever use which requires a DVD, and since I very much wish to continue to play FM, is there any alternative to purchasing an external optical drive, or indeed purchasing a new FM via digital download? In particular, is it possible to re-download the relevant files from Steam so that my game continues to work? Alternatively, may I put the installed files on a USB stick and transfer them to my new laptop that way?
  3. At present, referee errors seem to be restricted to offside and foul recognition/ punishment. I'd like to see other mistakes being made, such as corners/ goal-kicks/ throw-ins given incorrectly, and "ball over line?" controversies. I'd also like to see fewer 'fluke goals' from crosses, and more goals from deflected shots.
  4. I'm sure I'm not the first one to suggest this, but I would like to see the 'player on hat-trick must take penalty' feature removed, or at least restricted to those instances where a match (or, where appropriate, two-legged tie) is completely over as a contest (i.e., not when the player's team is only 2-0 up after ten minutes against a stronger side).
  5. It can be irritating to climb through the leagues with a small club, only to find that reserves and youth continue to play at the "main" stadium, resulting in poor pitch condition and even postponements. Therefore, I would like to see a "board request" option to ask the board to find an alternative venue for youth/reserve teams (at a cost to the club) in order to keep the first team pitch in better condition.
  6. Although not particularly attractive to watch, I would like to see players with "time wasting" instructions take the ball to the corner flag more frequently when winning with a few minutes to ago and attempt to keep it there. This does happen in FM 2013, but nowhere near as often as it happens in real life.
  7. With FM 2013, AI teams always seem to play very few friendlies and then start the season with pretty much an entire team "severely lacking in match fitness", resulting in easy wins for human managers. Therefore, for FM 2014, I would like to see AI teams arrange more pre-season friendlies to rectify this.
  8. I've mentioned this on other threads, but I would like to see team selection and attendances in domestic cup competitions reflect the stage of the competition as well as the level/reputation of the opposition. I have seen threads where a mid-table Premier League team has fielded reserves against a League 1 side in the FA Cup final, which would not happen in real life, even though they might well have done so if meeting the very same opposition at the third round stage. In real life Aston Villa fielded their strongest side against Bradford in the League Cup semi-final, but I suspect that this would not happen in FM. Similarly, attendances for non-league sides are too high in the early qualifying rounds, but much too low (e.g. 109) in the competition proper. I also recall a thread where a FA Cup semi-final had an attendance of c. 33,000.
  9. The Newcastle team that lost to Brighton was about as strong as they could have managed given their injuries, and certainly didn't involve resting the entire first team. Furthermore, Newcastle seem to be a club that generally seems to take the FA Cup relatively seriously, possibly because it has been so long since they last won a major trophy. The game engine only seems to take account of the opposition and not the stage of the competition (this also applies to attendances as well) and I hope this will be fixed, or at least improved, for FM 2014.
  10. 1) Managers should be able to select a penalty taker after the kick is awarded. 2) As others have suggested, managers ought to be able to dictate that a first team player made available for reserve team duties to get match fitness is actually picked in the reserve team. 3) In general, the board shouldn't let a manager sign new players when it would put him/her over his/her wage budget. I'm already over my wage budget, the club is in debt and losing money, and I can still add to the wage bill by signing new players on free transfers. In reality, the board would surely block such signings. Perhaps there should be an option to beg the board to permit a specific signing (in addition to the general request to expand the wage budget), but, in general, the wage cap ought to be strictly enforced, such that new signings are barred, particularly when a club is in debt and losing money.
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