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  1. @Experienced Defender - thanks so much, that's very detailed! A lot of that makes good sense, I will take your suggestion and make some changes. One thing I'm not 100% sure about though is using tight marking Vs pressing. Both obviously have the potential to cause the team to lose shape; especially against very good opposition players who can either pick passes through a press, or use movement to drag a marker out of position. Would you therefore think to tweak/swap between the two, depending on the opposition personnel and shape? I.e. mark a weaker side like Cardiff to take advantag
  2. That's fair enough! I guess maybe I should reword the question - how can I create more chances from open play and get my my centre forward more involved, rather than relying on set pieces? Maxi Gomez, from Celta Vigo. I've not got my laptop on me but I've attached a screenshot of his stats at the start of the game. I've started off using him as a DLF as I say, to try and get him more involved in the buildup and less isolated. But, I'm open to playing him as a complete forward as his stats are very well rounded - if that gets him linking up with midfield and then getting into
  3. Hi, I'm having trouble getting my 4141 DM Wide to work well with Brighton - specifically chances created from open play, and getting a proper goal threat as my STC. I've attached a screenshot - I'm trying to create a solid counter attacking tactic for a side like Brighton with very few exceptional individuals. I'm doing pretty well - half way through the season we're mid table - but it's not convincing and doesn't feel like it's sustainable, as we're low scoring (approx 1 goal p/g) and we're not creating many decent chances from open play. My centre half (Dunk) is top scorer with 5 g
  4. Nigeria are ranked no1 in the world for me, having won ACON & the World Cup. Slovakia are ranked no2 having won the Euros and lost to Nigeria in the WC final. Meanwhile Brazil/Argentina/France etc have amazing regens but are all languishing in the 20-30ish sort of rank, and barely get through group stages of major tournaments. My save has definitely got a bit weird, I have a Japanese ST who is the world's best (most expensive) player atm, a world class Swiss GK and a ridiculously good, 5* potential (although very injury prone) Greek AML. It's gone beyond the stage where I can argue about r
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