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  1. I've input all the scores (I was intending on doing it for more than just the English Prem) and started a new game. I did this mid-way through to check on my progress and if I'd made any mistakes, and it actually looked okay - the results worked fine, and the players had a reasonable number of goals (i.e. 10/12ish by January). However now I've finished inputting the results for the regular season (i.e. before the playoffs), it's cleared player stats altogether - they only have stats from the cup games that have been simulated. Also, I can't get it to start on the day I want. I've found a way to get it to start on 2nd May, but can't get it to start on the 10th as I want it to. Does anybody have any ideas for how to get the game to start on a specific day? I thought if I added a new nation (e.g. Gibraltar) and set it's season start date as 10th May, then added Gibraltar & England as active leagues, I could select "Gibraltar season start date" and it would work? But it seems to be greyed out every time. Is there a 'cut-off' date for the game that it won't let you start after?
  2. Hi all, hopefully somebody can help! I want to start a save at a mid-point in the mid-season in FM16, but having input the real for example I could start on February 1st, with the results/league tables accurate to real life at that point. I know to add a league under advanced rules and set it with a start date of Feb 1st, which would start the game at that date - but I can't work out how to input the 'real' results, rather than having the results simulated? Am I being simple? (Probably!!) Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!