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  1. Enjoy your holiday - don't get withdrawal symptoms from a lack of FM!
  2. Well, as long as you saw that your players were showing signs of some dominance, I think you should be pretty happy. You had a very tough group this year but hopefully with an easier group and a bit more luck, you should start picking up some points. Not bad!
  3. Looking at your appearances list, you once thought that Tony Thoren would be a legend for you. Was he as good as you expected? Also, another excellent season, I am sure that in three or four seasons time, you can challenge for 1st or 2nd place in the Group Stages.
  4. By far and away the best story I have ever read. You have inspired me to take on a similar challenge soon. The layout is clear and easy to read, as well as being original. However, the most impressive aspect of this story is the achievement. You have won the league, got into the Champions League and won the Cup with a team predicted bottom of the bottom league, using only youth players. Wow. Top work, I cannot wait to read more!