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  1. After playing for an hour or two, sometimes my mouse (only inside the game) doesn't work properly.. i can't drag players out nor can i right click and left click doesn't work for all actions.. This only happens in the game, i play on windowed mode and have a dual monitor setup I can't figure out what makes this happen, after a restart it starts working properly. HELP!
  2. I don't understand your frustration.. PSG does that irl as well krychowiak, Jese, Cabaye, Luiz & Aurier.
  3. Hello, Every time i try to repurchase football manager it says i only have a 10% discount whilst i own all these copies of the game. Some of them are not from steam but i added them as a game. Is anyone else having the same problem? Note 2007/2008 versions are not steam. But the rest are
  4. I don't mean to be so rude and negative but honestly, why change things that are not broken? - Tactic board - Searching for players The Promise bar is a good idea, but its not working properly. Chris Smalling Asked that i accept a bid from chelsea, and asked to leave. Chelsea didn't submit a bid so i accepted another offer then he said he didn't want to leave so yeah i kept him, when i go to the promise tab there is a bar indicating that smalling is unhappy because i didn't allow him to leave. HE ASKED ME TO NOT LEAVE
  5. Rafael, he always wants a new challenge no matter which club i managed him it seems that this kid always wants a new challenge.
  6. will there be an exact date for the beta release? or should we just expect them to release it then just say "BETA is open now"? and is there a reason why there isn't a specified date for the release of the game. for example its not completely ready yet?
  7. people think its after 12, I dont think its going to be released until midweek. I know SI and experienced their delays, and im a 2003 steam member and i know their delays as well. they rarely keep a promise regarding dates. *i hope they prove me wrong* really looking forward to play the game . EDIT: it was released on time, therefore i apologize. <3 SI+Sega Thank you.
  8. wow you guys are getting ripped off. steam/sega who ever is responsible for the pricing is not reasonable, having a good economy never excuses a 125% increase in prices.
  9. the classic mode is really bad, and why are opened for prepurchase when you will obviously release the game at xmas and maybe it wont be playable by then? i've been playing this game for a long time and i really hope you guys release it on time without all the bugs that happened in the previous version. Wish you all the luck, but really can't understand why open pre-order now? when you might be releasing it after 3months.
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