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  1. recommendation .... add reserve league and playable youth, it is little annoying to have all players stacked in a single template
  2. a question in the previous FM for the Advanced Editor, had to download some files and paste them into the folder of the editor, not if FM12 is so or not, I can not find the traditionally files download q q I have, if I pass alguine the link it agradesco:)
  3. q insurance question for the third division, you can only summon 3 substitutes??
  4. Hello people I am having problems with one league that I am trying to expand, but I am having problem in the ascenso and decensos of the second and third, if someone could check it and to correct it, or to explain that this badly, a lot of thank you http://www.megaupload.com/?d=Q5J3SUYA
  5. Hello friends .. I want to see if they can help me, the league stoops of venezuela of here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/262086-Venezuela-Copa-Movilnet-amp-Segunda-Divisi%C3%B3n , and it brings first and comes second divsion, also it brings second b but it activates this one, someone they me can explain activate her like...Thank you very much
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