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  1. a question in the previous FM for the Advanced Editor, had to download some files and paste them into the folder of the editor, not if FM12 is so or not, I can not find the traditionally files download q q I have, if I pass alguine the link it agradesco:)
  2. q insurance question for the third division, you can only summon 3 substitutes??
  3. very good idea, but I played about 7 hours ... and then on a month and a half ... just decided to forget the game D: .... must find a way to close the game more fluid .... I can only imagine the July 1 (start of signings ).... I set the minimum level of detail to see if it improves a bit, but nothing
  4. I find it impossible to play this file ... it slows down the game ... just 15 minutes to start the game
  5. lovo565


    no matter if is complete, only the most important matter, at least 10 leagues nas
  6. lovo565


    Yes, search ..http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concacaf CONCACAF leagues for 11 fm
  7. hi could you get a pack of plisss fm11 CONCACAF league, I think Q had one before the shoot the forum RICE
  8. lovo565


    before you did maintenance on the forum. had an issue with the leagues in Central America and Caribbean, if anyone remembers it could happen to me plisss: (
  9. someone could pass me a link containing links CONCACAF q or q africa since I had one but deleted the topic : D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D
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