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  1. First season in the PL. barely survived. The money is insane now though. will be spending big in the offseason
  2. First season in the Championship. I dont know how but we played out of out minds for the first 2/3 of the season and were sitting in 2nd for most of it. the wheels fell off toward the end but we ended up taking the last playoff spot. Lost to Watford in the playoffs, but super happy with the season. During out fall apart towards the end of the season, we somehow beat Tottenham 1-0 in the FA Cup, however after looking at it again they were missing about 1/2 their team to injury so I guess we got lucky.
  3. An ok season, we started poorly but had an ok run thoughout. Fell apart in the cups this season though sadly and we are leaking money really badly now. Will be looking to see if a playoff run next year is possible to get into the big leagues
  4. got this very vague message from the board after the end of the season. I dont think ive seen this before
  5. Im not sure if my tactic is amazing or the staff ive hired are world class somehow, but this happened? I am actually kinda unsure becuase everything seems to be coming up Milhouse for me and yay I guess? Watch it all burn next season I guess
  6. haha sure do. 200-300 every game Bigger problem for me at the moment is signing players. This dude is well within the wage budget and is a free transfer. isnt signed with any club at the moment, but after i send a reasonable offer, the board rejects it this is a bug surely?
  7. anyone else drive their club into the ground financially? I cant remember how I used to do all this 2nd season after barely surviving last year and we are already 230k in the red
  8. This game reminding me how terrible I am at tactics Any ideas on what to focus on for low level crap players?
  9. I started with Biggleswade Town. havent played in a few years so pretty rusty!!
  10. done a few reloads. So assuming from what was said, you need to sim from May 29 to June 24 it seems? Really slows down the reloading process it seems. Gonna start a game I think and see how we go
  11. Might make a comeback for the first time in years and give this a shot gotta see who I can play as though
  12. I havent played my save in about a month. Been playing too much Diablo 3! Will have to get back into it over the next week hopefully and have another early Premier League update
  13. Cheers. 1 point in the first 10 games makes me think I may be back in the Champ before too long however
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