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  1. Just about to give this a go, was just wondering how people got on with the tackling as all the team apart from the 3 st's are on hard tackling, do you get many red cards?, only asking as im liverpool and dont want tohave andy carroll hacking people down every 3 games or luis suarez biting people on the shoulder
  2. Better than hough 4-1-2-3

    Wow that has to be the shortest "greatest" tactic ever, just over 3 hours from post to removal. Anyway seems a shame as im looking a 4-1-2-3 tactic.
  3. Board Request - New Stadium

    FM does reflect real life, ala Rafa winning in 2005 with Gerard Houliers side YNWA
  4. Board Request - New Stadium

    i had the same thing with my Chelsea save and at the end of the season they annouced they would be building a new ground so prehaps best just to wait. ive read on here before that if you do well for the club or have been there a long time when they annouce the new ground it can be named after yourself or a legend
  5. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/24018-Wishlist-What-you-would-like-to-see-in-future-versions-of-the-game.-All-list-ideas-in-here. Future ideas thread^ it would be a nice touch seeing as there is a supports trust blokey already in the game that could help convey the fans feelings. or prehaps at the end of a match press confrence being asked "What was your thoughts on the banner put up by fans reading Chairman X out" lets the manager have a choice to side with the fans and look like one of them or side with the Chairman and keep your job
  6. quick question on badges

    dont quote me but im sure i saw a thread about a similar type of thing (kit colours i belive) and it was down to the amount of reasearchers avaiable, probly wrong though
  7. i cant remember which club i was (possible Arsenal or maybe Spurs) but at the start i already had links in the US and Hongkong,few seasons down the road when i asked the board to search for a feeder club to enhance the clubs rep/merchandise they gave me the option of a few Japanesse teams, so i picked one only to find that once i had done that they cancelled the link with my hongkong club, didnt even get new event abouts it,think this must bea glitch
  8. Are you the vengeful type?

    lol still buy him and put him on his own traing schd,put that up 2 the max make him work, he might break his other leg then
  9. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Cant find the screen shot but England won a World Cup !
  10. 10 mill for the agent ! im a tight git on the agent/player fee 3.5 mil was the most but i did reduce the app fee to compensate
  11. My GK coach is about to reitire, Pepe Reina(still playing) has pretty good stats but im unsure if i should offer him the job, i mean he cant teach himself anything and i can always ask him to mentor any of my younger GK. So it does seems a bit daft to offer him the job but then he has got good stats setting himself up for when he stops playing football. What should i do ?
  12. Benitez the time traveller

    Wasnt this on one of the patch updates change list? im sure si said they were aware of this and was going to change it ? not that it makes a big difference though.
  13. lol that made me chuckle i have the same problem with a regen that has came through the ranks, i offered him Jamie Carragher as a mentor and he spat it back in my face. Pffft Kids these days
  14. I was in need of a new tactic and seems i came on here at the right time, my previous tactic wasleaking way too many goals Played 7 Won 6 Lost 1 GF:17 GA:2 The 2 goals against was the 2-1 loss I was concerend at first about both strickers being on hard tackling but they have been behaved, seems to work with Saurez and Carroll with Stevie G just behind Thanks Mr Hough
  15. The change list at the top of the page But yes i would have thought all previous patches/hotfixes are included would be a bit pointles to cure new bugs yet leave the bugs from 6 months ago still in the game