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  1. Hello, this is my first time posting on this forum, and I think this falls under "experiments" but I apologize if it does not. Anyway, rather than the usual "give a sugar daddy to a small team and build them up", I am interested in playing a big team on the verge of financial disaster. This started as me mulling a Man City save but being turned off by the ability to just buy a super-team right away. At first, I considered just limiting my transfer spending, but since player wage demands are relative to a team's wealth, you are still somewhat forced to "play rich" as it were. So then I thought maybe it would be better to mod the game to represent a situation where Sheikh Mansour gets bored of playing real life Football Manager and pulls out of the club. My question, then, is what are some good ideas how to reflect this and to make it a playable save where you're not hit by FA administration and sacked within a few weeks of starting the club. So far, this is what I've come up with: Get rid of sugar daddy, reduce transfer budget significantly. Release the most expensive players (Tevez, Silva, etc.) as free transfers who hate the club and add maybe 75% of their remaining wages-to-be-paid to the team debt. Reduce wages but add a proportion of the lost player compensation to the team debt as if they had been given the option of leaving the club or being given a partial contract buyout in exchange for long-term lower wages. Reduce team morale to poor or very poor. Any other ideas?
  2. You can arrange tours already. When setting up a Friendly, choose "Tour" under Type instead of "Friendly Match," select your country and you're off.
  3. I would like to see an overhaul of how complacency works. A big difference in team reputation shouldn't increase the likelihood of the bigger teams' strikers hitting the woodwork and missing penalties, and in real life, smaller teams don't get magical bonuses to their long shot and set piece attributes. Yet, with FM11's complacency logic, Real Madrid would be unable to beat an under-12 girls team since differences in reputation automatically bestow proportional bonuses and penalties to the respective teams. Consequently, if real life worked like FM11, such a match would see Ronaldo play like a cripple while my niece would be able to effortlessly nail curving shots from 30 yards out. As it stands, playing a League 2 side with a Premier League side at the tail end of a winning streak often proves more difficult than playing sides like Man Utd and Barcelona. Notice that I didn't say it offers a greather "challenge" because it doesn't really add a challenge, just an unrealistic annoyance. In real life, bigger teams usually have trouble against smaller teams due to the use of negative, "anti-football" tactics. The result is that the larger team has trouble getting into the opposing box while the smaller team starts to get chances as the larger team is forced to commit more men forward. You only very rarely see one team completely dominate possession, get 6 CCC's only to miss every single one while the smaller team scores in their only shot on goal. Yet, this happens all the time in FM11, because the ME relies on reputation-based attribute bonuses and penalties to paper over its inability to accurately depict defensive football. It's unrealistic. It's annoying. It needs an overhaul.
  4. The Madden NFL games have management modes in them that are very popular. Also, web-based fantasy baseball is huge in the US.
  5. So "Creative Freedom" indicates how often and how much a player can deviate from his tactical instructions. "Creativity," on the other hand, simply increases the amount of tactical options, both good and bad, that an individual player can see. Therefore, if a player has a high "Creativity" and a mediocre "Decisions" attribute, he will simply have a higher proportion of bad decisions to choose from when given a lot of "Creative Freedom." Whereas a player with low "Creativity" and a very good "Decisions" attribute will not have many options to choose from but will generally choose the best option when given a lot of "Creative Freedom." So "Creativity" itself isn't necessarily a good attribute, but can be a very bad attribute to have if you don't have a great "Decisions" attribute. Whereas a player with a great "Decisions" attribute should generally be given lots of "Creative Freedom" even if his actual "Creativity" is very low. Am I right here or is there something more positive to "Creativity" that I'm missing?"
  6. The reason this happens a lot is pretty simple. If you've already used your subs at 70 minutes, it likely means: 1) Your opponents are tackling aggressively. 2) Your players are making reckless challenges. Both of which increase the likelihood that you'll get another injury.
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