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  1. What a useless first feature.... People already stream Football Manager on Twitch and they don't get many viewers as it is overall rather boring to watch. You don't need a feature in the game to do it for you, there is software out there that is very easy to use. Why waste time adding this?
  2. Why do we STILL not have a borderless window/full screen window option? It's 2014.. a lot of people have dual monitors and want to use the second monitor while keeping the game full screen on the first. I'm tired of having to use external software for this every year... 99% of games these days have this option.
  3. Should have bought it straight from Steam mate, you would have had it instantly and it's the same price. Not sure if it's too late to cancel your order from Sega? Not sure why it's taking so long from them, should be instant too...
  4. There is one. (Furthest button on the right)
  5. Would be great to know this has at least been acknowledged. Another problem I have found is playing FM on the second monitor screen, if the game is minimized, when you bring the window back up it moves itself back to the first monitor screen which is very frustrating. It would be really great if you could fix these problems for people who use Dual-Monitors. Thank you.
  6. Disappointed there is still no "Full Screen Window" option. I know alot of people use dual monitors and it's great to be able to keep the game in full screen and browse the internet or do something else on the second monitor while the fixtures are processing. Without this option, whenever the second screen is clicked the game minimizes and it is very annoying. 99% of games have it these days, it would be great it you could put it in for release. Thank you.
  7. It is more of an Early Access than a Beta, they aren't going to make any major changes, just a few bug fixes if any are needed (which won't affect saves) for a smoother release to the masses. I will be treating it as a release and starting my full save after a little play about to test the waters.
  8. Steam is used by millions of gamers, you did not get a Trojan from Steam unless you downloaded it from a dodgy website. Steam is amazing and keeps your game up to date with all the latest patches without you having to worry, give it another try.
  9. I love this skin, but I am SO sick of seeing Messi's face on the SITV every single day. Have tried a few replacement SITV's but none of them fit properly Does anyone have a replacement SITV I could use that fits this skin? Thanks
  10. I went to school with Darren Bent.
  11. Mine is feeling alot slower too. Before the patch, switching players/teams would be almost instant, whereas now it takes 2-3 seconds to load each screen.
  12. Can someone please tell me how much I can run at a decent speed on this? Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz 4GB Ram 500 GB Hard Drive ATI Radeon HD 5670 512MB Windows Vista 64 Bit
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