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  1. I would like to see that every player has, visible or nonvisible, a stat called diveability. I'm sick and tired of seing Rooney dive when I know he's the last person to dive.
  2. Let's say that when I've won the Premiership and there are still 3 games to go and decide to rest my players. Then I think that morale shouldn't be lowered if I lose the game because the players must be able to see this point and react more intelligently to a loss when you've already won the league and the rest of the matches are unimportant. Also I could be great if you get a job at another club that could ask your assistant manager if he would follow you to the new club as seen IRL. I would be pleased to see some variety in the match commentary. For instance instead of the usual (and quite irritating) "After a quick glance at the referee he decidedes not to lift his shirt" I would like to see players, maybe with low decision attribute (unintelligent and young maybe), actually lifting their shirt off and recieving the yellow card. Another really cool feature could be, inspired by the likes FIFA and the other football games to actually have commentators speaking in real audio at the game, it should be possible, shouldn't it? Maybe possible if the commentary doesn't say the actual names or maybe only the famous ones, I'm not sure. As read somehwere else it could also be a great feature to set the players on the bench warming up to create pressure on the players on the field and to make the players on the bench ready if they were to be substituted. I have also thought about making sort of playing adaptability to each country or region of football. I mean we've seen it all before with the likes of Kanouté and Forlan - they play horrible in the Premiership and then become class players in Spain and why is that there are no English players playing in the major leagues of Europe except England (when Beckham leaves Real) Therefore it could be something like, taking the example of Beckham: General adaptability: 15 (how good he is adapting the specific football of a region, not how good he is at settling at a new country and Beckham seems all right) Playing adaptability: British football: 20 (I mean he's English and played for Man Utd in many years) Scandinavian Football: 0 (He's never played there) South American Football: 0 (same) Southern European Football: 17 (Playing for real for some years) and so on, I hope you get the point. I feel this is missing in Football Manager and yet is very relevant and maybe why a player like Forlan has a hard time in England and why Deco not would move to England because it would suit his playing style, for instance dwelling more on the ball. I've not thought exactly how this could be done but I feel it's something they should work on. If a player general is good adopting the football in the country or maybe has played there earlier in his career he would succeed right away. I know there's already the adaptability but that's more about settling in the area, this should be settling to the style of football and maybe influecing players not being that keen on a move to a country he's afraid he'll have a long time to settle in football wise. The regions should be connected when the style football is pretty much the same and international caps should maybe create more knowledge of the football in different countries. High determination and ambition should also help them learning to suceed in the new country as well as fellow players from their country should ease the process. I don't really know how it is right now but I maybe think that international games should make the mental attributes a bit better. I've also felt that consistency shouldn't be hidden, I mean it's not secret that a player like JJ Ocacha isn't the most consistent player in the world. I would also like to make the 20 in an attribute something really really special that only maybe 1,2,3,4 in the world has. For instance 20 in dribling to Christiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and that's it. So that when you see the 20 you know it's really a special player. Well that were just my few thoughts on improvements
  3. Hi Now reranking is hitting me hard. From the 24th of november I won all 7 games in a row, but when it turned the 1st of january i lost my first match in 7 games. Now out of 12 games I've lost 6, drew 4 and only won 2. I'm using the version 4 and the team played so well until january. Now what to do? I've tried ticking off counter-attack when meeting teams where I was favourite but it doesn't seem to help. Anyone got some tips?
  4. Hi Fuss Created a new game with Aston Villa to test the new tactic. Brought quite a few new players so the team aren't gelling how they're supposed to. But I must say that the tactic is working very well. After 11 games in the premiership I've won 9, drew 1 and lost 1. It works extremely well up front with Carew as the target man and Cesar Delgado as the very fast striker who also have several assists from his brilliant crosses from the left side. Also Modric is very nice as the attacking midfielder and creates very nice through balls even though his long shots never ends up with goals, so I've set long shots to rarely. I've tweaked the tactic a little bit so i play a little bit quicker, and I prefer to play 'mixed' balls to Carew because most of the Premiership defenders seem to be towering centre backs. Also of course little tweaks when i play against owen/martins i play with a little deeper defensive line and so forth. A little strange thing is that i 3 times have been 3-0 or 4-0 in front at half time, and in the second half they often score 2 goals in the second half. As if my players lack of motivation but maybe that's part of my assistant manager taking care of team talks. Anyways, thank you very much for what seems to be the best version of the tactic!
  5. Hi First of all thanks for some great tactics! Right now I'm playing with pompey and things aren't going quite how I would like them to. Last year I finished 3rd in the Premiership but now I'm struggling at the 6 or 7 place. The first year I played with the ver. 2. and became 4 in the premiership. The next year I tried a mixture of the ver. 2. and ver. 3 and became number 3. I decided to try out the version 3 but I'm having some difficulties. My team is: GK: Ustari DL: Poconogli DR: Abenzoar DC: Araujo DC: Pique ML: Marcelo MC (def): Cattermole/Sivok MC (att): Mikel / Gary O'Neill / Modric MR: Silva FC: Higuain / Sturridge FC (target man): Eddie Johnson Is the problem that Eddie Johnson isn't the proper target man? He finished players player of the year two years in a row and plays very well, or should i play wider or faster? Thanks in advance.
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