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  1. I think part of it is because the Man UTD squad lacks balance(and full of crappy players) and its difficult to challenge the title with them.
  2. Makes sense... Anyway its still strange IMO because it never ever happened to me.
  3. I am doing exactly what I did in my last saves, It worked so far...Maybe its just bad luck. What bugs me out is that it happanes only on international duty. Its just strange...Am I the only one so far?
  4. I use regular rotation. I give alot of playing time to my youngsters...So my squad is usually fresh and in good condition. Not right now of course because I am down to scraps...
  5. And Another international duty injury, This time Januzaj for 3 weeks. :\ Edit: And Now Schneiderlin too...For 5 weeks. and its only November! This is crazy.
  6. Hey, Am I the only one who gets tons of injuries from international football? I started a new game with Man UTD and almost half of my squad got injured on international duty and its only September...What the hell? I lost Dermian for 4 months, Varela for a month, Shaw for 3 weeks(Second time this season), Smalling for a few weeks, Herrera for 5 months. Martial for 2 months and Rooney for a month. Is it a my bad luck or any one else getting this strange bad luck?
  7. I am playing Man UTD(Dec 22 2018) and I just sold him for 2 mil$ to Norwich. He wanted to leave and said he is willing to let his 6 months contract to run out and go on a free. Had to sell him.
  8. I just started my 18\19 season and Morgan Schneiderlin Got a 9 Months for Damaged Cruciate Ligaments. He is gonna be almost 30 when he comes out of it...So far one of my most stable players. too bad.
  9. Well I just got Gotze for free. His contract was about to run out and I snapped him!
  10. So I am managing Man Utd, Started my 2018/19 season... Just got Neymar for 172m $. A year before that I got Pogba for 118M$. And Now I am officially broke...LOL Whats yours?
  11. I have the same problem with Varela with Manchester United. He is strangely one of my best performers and got 6 mounts left on his contract and I can give him a new one because of this. He wont go on loan to my affiliate clubs and nobody else wants him... So does that mean I am gonna lose one of my cheapest and most effective players?? Fudge!
  12. I finally got hit at the end of my second season! And he agreed to a crappy contract too... I am very happy
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