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  1. Haven't played the last few versions, but thought to give this one a try again as I've enjoyed the series from the CM times onwards. I've found the following bugs quite irritating: When a defender is tracking a lost ball, he is jogging towards it where the opposing striker just runs past him and takes the ball The players are still quite slow in reacting to rebounds/saves A LOT of clear cut chances are missed Corner tactics are being largely ignored: players still taking random corners when asking for near post / far post corners Players are too selfish when placed in impossible situations, instead of passing the ball: player is on the line (180* of the goal line) and still tries to score instead of passing to penalty area where a player has a clear cut chance Unrealistic possion and chances and this is certainly the fact when you're playing against extremely lower rated teams (you still win though, but the number of chances are unrealistic --> Man City - Bournemouth : both teams have 20 shots each at goal) To further elaborate the possions issue: most of the highlights during the game are from team A, but team B still has a greater posession percentage and shots at goal I found that a lot of players are getting injured during a game When a player is injured during the game, the opposing team doesn't shoot the ball of the pitch so he can be treated (in real games this also doesn't always happen, but I still haven't encountered this yet in FM) What also happened was that a player from team A was injured and team A tried to get the ball off the pitch, but team B just managed to keep it in and resumed the play Unrealistic transfer demands: when selling a player the AI offers really low amounts but when trying to buy one the AI asks unrealistic high prices -> out of mere interest I went on holiday to skip to the end of the season where I tried to buy some good regens (15-16 years old) and the AI was asking 20mil-40mil for those players Getting a lot of loan offers for only one month for my younger players Not really sure if the touchline team talks have somewhat of an influance on the game? A lot of players being tackled (thus meaning the opposing player falls on the ground) in the penalty box (from the 3D perspective not all of them are on the ball) but almost none of them result in a penalty Saves take a lot of time These are some of the issues I encountered and still remember and not sure if other players encountered similar situations
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    Online Problem HELP.

    you should use hamachi to play online, as there are a lot of problems connecting to one another on fm (firewalls and so) https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi2/ all participants have to download it and join the network that you set up
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    6000 is indeed too low, but I don't get why they changed it for fm11 in the first place :/ and tutoring has also an effect to the player's potential, as I let Ibrahimson () tutor Bojan who was close to his potential on fm10 and his stats improved a lot afterwards. So his PA got higher too
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    in fm11 the tutoring is based on reputation so when a player has a too high rep, he can't be tutored anymore, which I find ******** imo every young player has the right to be tutored by an older player and not like it's in the game atm -> oh you're too well known so go figure out yourself how to play the game :/