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  1. Having a similar problem. Would love to know what to do!
  2. thank you for this great skin. Also, thanks for updating everything so quickly! also also, is there anyway I can change the panels that show up on the screen in-game? Currently there are three, but is there anyway to make them smaller or reduce the number to two panels? They currently get in the way of the sidebars that I usually use. Playing windowed:
  3. Hiya, the sound in-game stopped working in my migration from the last version to this version. Possible things I can do to fix it?
  4. Hiya, love this pack and hope to use it in FM 16. Will v4.0 work with FM16?
  5. What to do when a player "feels he was treated harshly in being recalled to training"? Anyway to mitigate this problem when we are halfway through the season?
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