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  1. With city that's not hard. Try a small club instead
  2. João Miguel Pereira

    I wish i didnt have a Girlfreind!

    Don't sleep. Or sleep in the morning. Stay with her during the afternoon and after she goes to bed, you play. That's my system (but she doesn't know about it...)
  3. João Miguel Pereira

    Question for those with knowledge.......

    Exactly. I personally dont ever choose this option because most of the times my coaches don't really know what they are doing. Even the best scouts in the game offer me bad players. You have to do it yourself. If you don't want to be bothered by that, just let them go.
  4. João Miguel Pereira

    Anyone set up a Trial Day yet?

    I asked for it while managing Deportivo (spanish second division) and got it. Basically you get a "2 new teams" called trialists. So you have you youth team, your reserves, your 1st team and those "trialists". They stay at the club for a while (don't know how long because my demo reached january an i wasn't able to play more) without being payed and you can offer them a permanent contract or release them whenever you want. Not very good players though. AT least for me.
  5. João Miguel Pereira

    FM 2012 and Portuguese League

    What does that mean exactly, there is no Portuguese licensing? Just that the kits, logos and clubs names are missing? Or won't the portuguese league be playable at all? And what about it's players? Are the players affected? Meaning, right now i can only see half a dozen real players in FC POrto for example. Please explain because this situation never happened before in FM and we need to know what to expect from this. Thank you
  6. Nice touch with the offside line! I was hoping for something like that!
  7. I know that the Portuguese league was not included in the demo due to licensing issues. What about the full game? Will that also be a problem? I just took a look at the portuguese league and all clubs appear without logo and correct name like for FC Porto as shown below. Will i be able to play with FC Porto like in FM 2011 or is this going to stay like this? http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/3439/fcpo.jpg
  8. Portuguese language was released with the demo. Why not the portuguese league as well? :S
  9. João Miguel Pereira

    games gone gold

    Hope it's on friday. My wife is already expecting me to be locked in my room the whole weekend.
  10. João Miguel Pereira

    A Message On Football Manager 2012 Activation

    Can i uninstall steam after activation? Or do i need to have it open every time i play the game?
  11. João Miguel Pereira

    A Message On Football Manager 2012 Activation

    Just lost 1 hour trying to open an account with steam. Every time i would press "next", it would fail to connect to the server. On a 24MB connection that is not normal. After finally being able to register i decided to go offline on steam. BAD MOVE! Everything started to crash. Had to end 4 processes that stopped working and restart my computer.
  12. João Miguel Pereira

    A Message On Football Manager 2012 Activation

    So what happens if many of us decide not to buy the game this year? Will that help your piracy problems too? We need to take a stand here guys.
  13. João Miguel Pereira

    A Message On Football Manager 2012 Activation

    I have always bought the original game and like many others i was very excited to play FM 12. I even pre-ordered it 1 month ago with amazon. Now i just don't want it anymore. Not even for free. Steam? You must be joking! I'd rather type in 10000 serial numbers copied from the back of the box than to register with steam. Enought for me now.
  14. João Miguel Pereira

    Official Blog Feedback - youth & newgens

    Sounds amazing! Finally i can stop releasing youth players that will never make the team, for free!! Great feature guys!
  15. João Miguel Pereira

    UEFA's Financial Fair Play Regulations

    It would be a nice change for once. I'm on my 13th season and every season english clubs spend millions on new players. Man city for example spends around 80M per season and only gets around 20M by selling players. And by the way, are the english league final position money prizes really like that in reality? Meaning, if you finish 1st place you get around 18M €, 2nd place 17M € but for example if i win the portuguese league instead i only get 1,2M and if i finish in 2nd place i get nothing... that's depressing.