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  1. Any way of stopping the board from selling b squad players in spain?
  2. I was thinking to myself today about matches ending right on the minute. It seems every time my team is down a goal, and I'm advancing down the field, the whistle is blown right on the minute where as most real refs would allow the final play.
  3. Portland Timbers. Followed by my usual...Dortmund, Parma, Barcelona.
  4. Too many yellow cards?

    I'm 10 games into La Liga season. I compared my in game results with those IRL, and they are pretty similar.
  5. The press conference feature was so tedious and repetitive that I've not gone to one since FM09
  6. I find this to be a terrible excuse. They can't get it all right. The editor is there for a reason. If you don't like something change it. Nothing is ever going to be 100% accurate as this is a video game. Oh and the editor takes a couple minutes to figure out. If you can't be bothered to learn it..then you shouldn't bother complaining
  7. There was a young south african in FM2005 named Junior Khanye..granted wingers were broken in that game..but he had an incredible season.
  8. Has to be unlucky as my Barca save is going in the complete opposite as yours. I've even had an epic pk shootout like yours, but lucky for me it went in my favor! Just stick it out mate. You'll get one next season!
  9. I always do the same thing. Start with Parma. After I win the treble I start a game with Dortmund. Once I win the treble there i start my final save with my beloved Barcelona. Well that will be untill 2011 when the Timbers are in the MLS wooohoo.
  10. The only reason I ask is because their value seems to plummet anytime I promote a youth to the B team
  11. If my B team plays in the second division of the league..is it safe to assume that they are getting the same experience as if they were loaned to an actual second division team?