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  1. When I select a prefered position for a player in Development List, this selection is applied for all players in the list. You can unselect a position but as soon as you click on other player, his position is automatically applied to other players. It is a weird sensation, hard to describe, could be a UI glitch (I am using default Dark Skin). Please confirm. DoF is not offering any players for loan, while being in charge of outgoing development loans. Granted, transfer window is not open yet, but it would only make sense to market these players ASAP. Please confirm. .
  2. Fiddling through the screens for 2 days and admiring how well information is presented, really great job SI!!!! 2 major issues badly influencing UX: Tactics screen / Player / Edit Instructions In comes new layer with blurry background (not the big fan of blurry bg, darker bg would be much better) and player attributes are nowhere to be found (except 10px tiny (i) icon next to player name). Critical mistake for me, ruining experience. Attributes must be visible all the time when assigning specific instructions. Mouse over on fiddly icon is really annoying and unnecessary mouse movement. Tac
  3. My point exactly. As much as I would like to be proven wrong, I simply cannot imagine more "interaction points/clickable items" packed in a such small box. Only one alternative I can imagine is that "the box" somehow expands (after click) to more in depth overview area. At the moment however, it is simple container, within which we can interact (either by mouse over, left-click or right-click) with certain clickable items ( number (?), suitability pie chart, name, position/role drop down menu or a whole box itself). There is a lot of stuff packed in already. I my opinion, graphics you hold
  4. Thank you. I understand your point, however no harm done if it looks slicker, I think I agree - bottom part at the moment is hard to read and hyphen separating Role and Duty is just no-go in my opinion.
  5. Ok everybody, so I had couple of hours today and based on your feedback, I created 3 more versions to consider: Version A After all been said, I agree this is not going to work. Here it is nevertheless, for comparison purposes. Version B Shirt in central position, damn pie chart returns as it seems this is the element which is going to stay anyway. I polished the chart a bit, so it doesn't remind us 1970's sci-fi movies 4 and 5 players in midfield to check how it works. Version C More or less the same idea like Version B but back of the shirt. 4 and 5 players in midfield to check
  6. Thanks everybody for constructive feedback! Again very quickly (posting from work) I came up with updated player box look, based on your suggestions and comments. It is only a sketch, will polish it later on. In the evening, I will create mockup with 5 players in midfield, let's see how it works. Until then, have a look and share you opinion! Pie Chart from hell returns, although I still think, it is ugliest way to present data.
  7. Oh, but it did Still only one thing that comes to mind: Pie chart. When mouseoverd, it shows one attribute: Suitably for the role, which leads to another question: What is the function of the divider (thin color bar) between Player Name and Position/Role? As somebody mentioned above, is suppose to represent Suitability. Now this is something I call constructive discussion, at the end I might end with me loving the boxes Bit of the warning though - if this happens, I will comeback with another mockup, where the boxes will be treated better way graphically Again, thanks for substantive dia
  8. Thanks, good points here: yes shirt being offset might be misleading but as I mentioned, once users will learn that whole box represent player positions, it shouldn't be a problem anymore. However, yep, it might need some adjustments. At the moment both bar and pie are 10 point indicators, showing only one attribute. Are you saying users will be able to tap on the pie on tablets? In this case yes, bar size should be increased/revamped. This is really open to discussion, depends on further interactions planned (bar, number). If these are not points of interaction, I would say whole thing.
  9. I never claimed I did a better job, I tried to present an alternative for SI to consider. I have to say, I am quite surprised by moderators furious response. Bashing all arguments, editing posts, deleting content. Only Neil Brock raised some good points, the rest is just like: "You silly sod, wait and see...". Fully functional interface became a pivoting point, while all I did was capturing one frame of the video. Of course I have no idea how fully functioning interface will work, nobody has at the moment. Therefore all I did might be useless garbage at the end. However, how you treat people t
  10. Finally, some constructive feedback here Having shirt in is just pure aesthetics. In my opinion looks better than presented brick with fading out stripes. Position of the shirt - fair enough it might be misleading at first. People will have to learn that whole unit represent player's position, not only the shirt Units (player boxes) are exactly the same size like ones presented in the video. All reviled so far information/possible interactions are kept within the area. And yes, I tried to make the difference cosmetically
  11. Exactly the same issue here with Zeki Fryers. So there is no way around it, just sit and wait util Board change?
  12. It is indeed, isn't it? Please, let me (us) know what functionality magic you have hidden in 100px x 70px box! I am dead serious here, far from being ironic. All I know, I kept all presented (so far) features there... Looking forward to next videos/screenshots! As for laziness part - cmon, just look at the feedback... Is there single person here who actually likes new design? (Again, I am talking about pure visual experience and right side of the Tactic Screen). I can't believe there is one.
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